What do men really want? What is it they desire? What do they think? It seems that magazines try to solve the equation for women on a monthly basis by informing what is it the other species fancies or craves. Yes, we admit that they too are humans, yet alien like to us, because the truth is we cannot figure them out. It is great to know what pleasures men, but reading about it is not the same as hearing it from them. Certain articles will tell you how a little lick here and a little lick there will have them curling their toes. But we took those kinds of questions to a deeper level and we dare to ask four bold men questions that they willingly and explicitly answered for us. You’ll be shocked ladies as to what they had to say, these men had no qualms on letting us know their thoughts on threesomes and fetishes from admitting that they too have feelings to stating that during sex they have only one thing on their mind—PLEASURE. Read on and enjoy their HONESTY because one thing is for sure this is as real as it gets: Read more »