Erik James Horvat-Markovic better known as Mystery, is the leading man on VH1’s PICKUP ARTIST show where he and his wingmen teach virgins/men who have NO game, how to lure women and possibly, even, get in their pants. Mystery is a handsome and super SeXXXy Canadian (of German ancestry), who looks like a better replica of Tommy Lee, he wears mad hatter hats that are so not our style, but we dig that it is his. On his show, he sends his “boys in training” on challenges, where he feeds them to the lions by having them go to clubs so they can act on their skills to catch their prey, but somehow they end up getting eaten by women who coldly reject them.  Do we like the show? Yes. Do we agree with him? Somewhat.  Mystery is a good teacher, but NOT always on point.  He fails to mention the TRUTH! YES, La Pura VERDAD!!! The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Wanna know the TRUTH?

The truth is guys, it doesn’t matter how much mula you make, or what you look like, ALL women have a “type”. Whether it is the type with money, or the type who is skinny, tall, chubby, short, muscular, smart, athletic, nerdy, humble, rich, player, whatever! And if you are not that type, then you are just NOT… HER TYPE. But there’s no need to worry, you may be another little lady’s type. It is always good to be prepared (and not live in your mom’s basement). Read more »