Opposites Attract

color wheel opposites attract

Opposites attract because oddly enough they compliment each other very well. This is why we are recommending that you wear opposite colors TOGETHER. Don’t be afraid! The right way of doing this is making sure they are the same intensity. For instance, if you wear pastels, stick with pastel colors even if they are two different hues. When wearing brights, mix and match the hue with other brights (i.e., neon yellow + neon green, DON’T match neon yellow with a pastel green). Got it? Good! We’re now sharing with you colors opposite to each other that go well together (if you notice they are across from each other on the color wheel):

  • Black & White
  • Blue & Orange
  • Yellow & Purple
  • Red & Green

These colors if worn right will look great on you! Stay Fashionable Fashkiddos!

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