WEN by Chaz Dean Facing Class Action Lawsuit, Consumers Say WEN Products Cause Hair Loss

WEN conditioners hair loss

WEN® by Chaz Dean is a famous hair care line known for their convincing infomercials, adverts showing models prancing around with lustrous hair, celebrity testimonials, and a stylist who firmly stands behind his brand guaranteeing it delivers. In the real world, consumers who are using WEN® products tell a different story, they say WEN’s line, especially their cleansing conditioners are making them lose their hair in chunks. They are going nearly bald and have pictures to prove it. If you do a web search you will see there are countless stories, numerous videos and threads of people expressing how terrible these products are and that it has made their hair fall out. This has been going on for some time; yet, the company didn’t recall the products. It looks like some of you have had enough and decided to take action. Rightfully so, these images speak for themselves. When revealing amazing transformations, WEN must’ve forgotten to include these:

On the WEN website they urge you to buy their products “NOW” because “you deserve beautiful hair.” For their sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner the company states, “It’s designed not to strip your hair and scalp of natural oils, leaving your hair with more strength, moisture, manageability and better color retention.” Allure magazine even gave it the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award. WEN also shares the key ingredients, but they left out pertinent information— the one that also serves as a depilatory. This line isn’t cheap, expect to pay anywhere from $25 to over $100 for some of their kits at major retailers. The WEN company prides itself in saying they use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. When we compare what they say to what their products do, it seems quite misleading. The firm representing this case is Christiansen Davis, LLC. They are based in Texas, but assist clients statewide. On a side note, I truly feel for these women. A woman’s hair is definitely considered for many their beauty veil, it is sad they had to experience such devastating ordeal. There’s a high price for beauty and sometimes we pay more than what we intend to when we’re promised we’ll get more than what we want.

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2 thoughts on “WEN by Chaz Dean Facing Class Action Lawsuit, Consumers Say WEN Products Cause Hair Loss

  1. I used this one time only exactly by direction. My daughter bought it and insisted I try it.
    By the time I got all the goop rinsed off my head, it felt like my entire scalp was on fire.
    My hair started to fall shortly afterward and I had crusty patches on my scalp.
    I still have the problems.

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