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As there is such a thing as being too young to wear heels, there comes a time when one becomes too old to wear them as well. In terms of aging, as we move forward we attempt to go back into time. When we’re young is quite the opposite. As young women, we may have done everything to look older from wearing more makeup to dressing differently. When women get older they want to regain their youth by trying to reverse the years. Shoes say a lot about a woman’s age. They play a major role in women’s lives and appearance. True. Shoes do NOT have an age limit. But heels kinda sorta do. You can get away with wearing heels at any age, what becomes a factor is the heel’s HEIGHT…


  • If you’re in your early teens now is a good time to start experimenting with shoes and heels. I don’t recommend anything too drastic. Look like a teenager. Savor these years, you will NEVER get them back. A short heel works. Don’t aim for 6″ platforms. You will be making a fool of yourself and instead of seeming stylish you will look cheap. You’re transitioning from a child to a young woman, enjoy this phase. Don’t grow up too fast.


  • Nevertheless, when you hit your late teens, by all means, explore!

fun shoe

  • Try wedges, cowgirl boots, espadrilles, funky shoes. You can go daring with cool and vibrant colors. Just don’t lose your uniqueness.

green shoes

  • 20s-40s: In your twenties, you can do whatever you want with heels, go as low or as high as you’d like. However, in your late twenties to early thirties and upwards is a good time to start opting for extreme class.cpp
  • By this time the club scene starts getting tired, you’re more experienced, you have a career, life gets serious. People will judge you by what you wear. There’s a time and place for everything.

dif hues shoes

  • In this age group, the thick platforms you rocked in your teens are no longer appropriate.


  • If you like the high life be careful. I fall under this category and I love my 6 inchers. However, I know when and where to wear them. Heels that are this high scream, “SEX”. You have to be conscious of this. They can be worn, but not everywhere all the time.

red heels

  • 50s-70s: In your 50s thru 70s you can still wear pumps, but I wouldn’t advise you go for anything higher than 4 inches. Actually, 3″ pumps or less are ideal.

kitten heels leopard

  • 80s+: Let’s be honest, the older we get, the more frail we become. Should you wear heels at this age? If you can, sure. I suggest kitten heels.

Heels are every podiatrists dream and nightmare (they get paid well to deal with bad feet). Are high heels hazardous to your health? Yes. They create warts, bunions, calluses, cause inflammation of the joints, bloody feet, major back pain, they affect your knees, spine, posture, tear ligaments, can break your ankles, and even your neck if you don’t know how to walk properly in them! So why do we wear them? Because they’re beautiful and make you feel sexy. That’s the price of beauty. I know. As much as I love them, I don’t wear them daily (And I’m an expert!). If you like to wear heels to work, during your commute don’t. Switch shoes in the office. Wear flats (with a good arch) and when you have an important client or presentation, put those heels back on for the brief meeting. You don’t have to wear heels every minute of your day.

short stacked heels


  • For women suffering from bone diseases, be very careful when wearing heels, go for thick heels that can give you a better balance or avoid them completely.
  • For those with disabilities, if you want to wear heels go for a shoe that is flat, but come with thick insoles that provide added height.  
  • STAY away from clear heels unless you work in the sex industry, or you’re giving your partner a private dance. In the real world, do NOT wear them publicly. 

Do you adore heels as much as I do? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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