Silver Sulfadiazine to treat Burns

silver sulfadiazine

As beautistas we’re no strangers to heating products from flat irons to curling wands. You name it, we guarantee the hotter the iron the better the hair results. However, there comes a time when those tools slip out of our hands and burn our skin. This happened to me not so long ago where I was in utter pain with a huge burnt mark on my neck. I went to my PCP (Primary Care Physician) and she prescribed Silver Sulfadiazine. Within days I healed completely and was left with NO scar behind unlike other ointments I’ve used before. Silver Sulfadiazine is a cream that contains usually about 1% silver sulfadiazine to treat infections and burns. It is also given to patients taking radiation to treat those heavily radiated areas. This stuff is amazing! Especially, if you’re a bad cook or baker like me, burning yourself more often than you’d like to admit. *ahem* SS is not meant for those allergic to sulfa, newborns/infants two months old or younger. Once you apply this topical cream (until healed) you cannot put over it cosmetics, bandages, lotions, etc. You must allow the wound to breathe. Just like any drug it has side effects, none that I experienced when I use it. It is for External Use ONLY. As always Fashkiddos, you know the deal: Before using any product we rave about ask your doctor or dermatologist about it FIRST and make sure you’re NOT allergic. And if using this product I also advise you follow up with your PCP and inform them of your progress. Overall, I think it is a great product to have in your medicine cabinet.

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