Don’t be a Label Slave

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As a fashionista, consultant, and fashion reviewer, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I will because it is my responsibility. Don’t be a slave to labels. I don’t follow trends. I really must love it in order to do so, but rarely do because I have my own style. Until this very day I’ve never bought a pair of UGG boots and it was actually, last summer that I purchased my first gladiator sandals (and they were in nearly a decade ago!). Why? I hate being like everyone else. I love going against the current and riding my own waves. People see me and “think” I’m high maintenance. I’m quite the opposite. It’s not what you wear is how you wear it. I cannot stress that enough! The secret is making something inexpensive look like a million bucks on you (you have to wear it well). I’ve seen women with clothes on that costs more than the car most people drive, and they look like a hot mess. You really need to learn fashion and how to dress according to your personality before paying thousands of dollars for an article of clothing. I’m not saying to stay away from labels. Not at all. But not everything you wear has to be costly. It’s okay to mix high end clothing with low end pieces. I do this with cosmetics and clothes. For instance, with makeup, I love my YSL eye shadows and MAC lipsticks, but I’d usually combine them with a drugstore foundation, gloss, and blush or vice versa. The same with clothing. I’ve worn $200 pants (I buy them when they’re 50-70% off) with a $4 tee and $20 sandals. It all comes down to how you incorporate it and make it work for you.

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Let’s say I want $1,300 shoes, I sit down to think, “With $1,300 I can buy sexy lingerie, clothing, lots more shoes, and a pocketbook, or go on a vacation and still put money in the bank or just forget everything and save it all or at the least a percentage of that amount!” That’s smart shopping. Not knocking anyone who can afford this lifestyle. But in all sincerity many women can’t. And even for those of you who could, it’s smart to save for a rainy day. And it took me a long time to think like this. Trust me. FashAddiX is not just a blog it’s real life for me. I am a recovering shopaholic! Especially for sale items. Sigh. That’s how they get you. It’s perfectly fine to walk away from impulse buying. It takes courage. But you can do it. Look at it and tell it…

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It’s tough. I know. I sympathize. When people look at me I don’t care if they see me wearing labels or not, because I make the clothes, clothes do not make me. And it should be that way with you too! Don’t limit yourself. You don’t have to rob a bank to look hotter than everyone else. Find your fave shops. Find what is it that looks good on you. Subscribe to the store’s mailing list if you like shopping there. Search for discount codes. Personally, I HATE paying full price for anything. Listen, unless it’s couture, I’m not paying a skyrocketing amount for something that it took someone else in a third world country to make under $5. I’m sorry. I know quality when I see it. And just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is good or that it will look nice on you. It’s perfectly OK to SPLURGE here and there. Darn it, if you really want those $1,300 shoes get them. You work hard and you deserve them! But be smart! Can you wear them more than once? Are they comfortable? If you can match them with jeans and dresses, why not? Right. It can be worn to a wedding, date, meeting, etc. How versatile is it? Put it to good use! What I’m saying is not everything has to be from an expensive label. Don’t lose your style and who you are to the brand. Don’t get lost under labels. Mix and match. But. Just. Be. YOU. Unique. And perfect. Because I said  so. I’m rooting for you!



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  1. you´re smart, i do the same as you, i just watch the quality, if the fabrics are pretty looking, comfortable,if the way the clothes are made, it doesn´t matter if is kind of old, and you combine all that with a good taste of colors and textures, people really give you nice compliments,and without spending so much,thats great.

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