Fantasize about the New YOU


If you want to change your look, then, just—do it! As a fashion reviewer and image consultant, every time I’m with a client, I hear them out and then I “fantasize” about what would look good on them. I think, “What if I change their hair color, add brights to their wardrobe, or accessorize this person more?” It is not easy taking them away from their comfort zone. After a bit of hesitation and fashion wrestling, they go with it and are pleased with the end result. If they’re not happy, I’m not happy. It is great to meet them halfway. We understand that not everyone can afford a professional expert. This is why I am telling you that it is okay to Fantasize about Yourself and ways to improve your overall image. Imagine yourself as the person you want to look like and work hard at it. Sometimes we like to change our look, hairstyle, fluctuate in weight purposely, or go from brunette to platinum blond, just because it is fun playing with our image. That’s exactly what FASHION is supposed to be— enjoyable and daring.

For instance, who doesn’t love Drag Queens? We adore them! They don’t only want to look like women, they want to look like queens. This is why, for the most part, their makeup is flawless, their skin glows and the hairstyles are just lovely. They dream about what they want to look like and they go for it. And so should you! Who cares if your partner or coworkers see it as too edgy, or that the style isn’t you. The point is to go with what makes you happy. Close your eyes, envision the person you want to be and become it. In fashion one should be unique. Try different things. Think outside the box. What’s the worst thing that could happen? If you don’t like it, then go back to your “normal” self. And don’t worry about what others think about you, the only thing that should matter is what you think about yourself. We’re looking forward to seeing the new and Improved YOU!

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