TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo nearly SAME ingredients as the Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo


One of my favorite brands is the TRESemmé line, which is also owned by Unilever the company behind Suave. I’ve been using their Keratin Smooth Infusing shampoo and conditioner for two weeks only, but out of curiosity I looked at the ingredients and saw that it is nearly the SAME as that of the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing shampoo that is also making women’s hair thin and fall out. My sister has been using this product for two months and her hair is thinning out and she’s also suffering hair loss. I can’t think of anything else but this product. I’m at the point where now I’m afraid to purchase anything from Unilever. I will stop using it immediately.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo ingredients:

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo ingredients:

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29 thoughts on “TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo nearly SAME ingredients as the Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo

  1. My hair has been falling out also. I thought it was because I was mishandling it, I believe this shampoo may be the cause. Thank you so very much!

  2. I began to notice every time I used Tresemme shampoo,conditioner my hair would fall out by the hand fulls. I threw it in the garabage.

  3. Not to my knowledge. Lots of fall out. Left a bald spot. It has been 6 months since she stopped usage and the hair DID grow back. Back to normal.

  4. Thank you for responding, There is no information on this product and its terrifying to see your hair go down the drain and not know if it will grow back. I’ve been so terified over this, I stopped using it I only used it a few times and noticed loss so I threw it in the trash But couldn’t find anywhere anyone posting that your hair will regrow. Did she do anything to help her hair along after she stopped using it? Did her hair loss stop too?

  5. I always used tresemme shampoos without any issues I never imagined the nightmare I wish I never stopped to buy it that day =(

  6. I recommended organic coconut oil, but other than that it is just time. You will need to wait it out. Do note that everyone is different so I don’t know what your outcome will be. My sister’s hair did grow back after she stopped using TRESemme. Don’t panic. It’s hair. It’s tough. I know! But most likely if it is the shampoo causing damage, and you no longer use it the hair will grow back. Perhaps, you should see a specialist and your primary care physician to make sure there’s no other factors causing hair loss (i.e., anemia). Lately, I’ve been using natural oils on my hair. Besides coconut I also use pure almond oil and I love it. At this point, I suggest you see a doctor and either use organic shampoos or lookup the “no poo” method on YouTube/Google where people are no longer using shampoo and claim to have even healthier hair. I haven’t tried the no poo. I started trying organic shampoos, but I need more time to review for recommendation.

  7. The bald spot regrew too? I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to answer my questions I’m literally losing sleep over this :'(

  8. I’ve never shed hair in excessive amounts but I’ve used this daily for probably 2-3 months (to the point where I’ve used half a bottle) and I am shedding like you would not believe. Any time I touch my hair, at least 10-15 strands are coming out, I’m lucky that my hair is naturally thick so it’s only thinned out slightly but this product is straight in the bin. I’ve been googling this constantly so thank you!! Never again will I use a keratin shampoo or Tresemme.

  9. Samantha, I was using it too. I figured I wouldn’t use any shampoo that had the word “Keratin” on it and started trying other TRESemme shampoos for about 6 months. You won’t believe how much hair I was shedding as well. Just like you, my hair is thick, I didn’t get any bald spots, but it did thin out. It was a scary feeling. Like I mentioned in the above comments, I’m trying different organic products, but it’s too soon to review. What I did notice is that 2 months after I stopped using TRESemme I don’t have as much fallout. And my hair’s condition improved a lot. Also, instead of using styling mousse and gel I’m using pure almond oil on my hair and I’m happy with the results it gives my wavy strands.

  10. Hi,

    I came across this post as I was trying to research why my hair was falling out in clumps every time I washed my hair. My hair used to be so thick and now it’s extremely thin. Over the past 6 months or more I have been using Suave Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. I always have a bit of hair fall out when I wash it but never really paid that much attention to it until just last week when I wrapped my hand around my hair and felt how thin it had gotten from how I once remembered it. It didn’t hit me until now that all that time I had lost an enormous amount of hair and if I had kept on, I would have had many bald spots. After looking at the ingredients above, I compared them one by one to the Suave Mousse product and narrowed it down to the culprit ingredient that all 3 of those products have which is METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE. I did more research on that ingredient and found out that Pantene also has it in their ingredient list which I also made my hair fall out when I had used it in the past. So look out for that ingredient when you search for any hair products. I just wanted to share this before it’s too late. I’m lucky to have caught it before I went bald!!

  11. OMG I was starting to freak out badly because I ve been using this shampoo for a while now and it was ok at first but about 3 or 4 weeks ago I started to shed more hair than usual….
    I m gonna throw this pos in the garbage and buy something of better quality….
    I thought it could also be stress but I will try using a different shampoo and conditioner and hope to see the shedding stop!!

  12. I had really bad hair damage from too many keratin treatments…you just cant use any shampoo / conditioner after your keratin treatment – you need a really specialized one – the one that works best for me is the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner – you MUST use that after every keratin hair treatment, or your hair will start falling out and get super damaged.

  13. Thank you to this site and thank you o the woman about that “m” ingredient!!!! I am 47years old and recently discovered tresemme luxurious moisture shampoo at my friends house. I have waist length fine blonde hair. It felt good and the longer the hair the harder it was to take care of it. So I really liked this shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using it solely for about 4 to 6 weeks. Two weeks ago I noticed I could see thru my hair right down to my scalp. Of course I am panicking!! The hairdresser said it is my age. But I was not settling for that. This was sudden. I was worried that I could be seriously ill. But this morning I massaged my scalp with organic coconut oil and the ends with warm olive oil. While treating I decided to google tresemme thinning hair and found this site. I am convinced it is that M ingredient! One day! Today! Not using tresemme and believe it or not my hair on the very top looks better already! Not as thin. I will use this crap to hand wash my thigh highs! Hopefully it does not wreck them! I will be on the look out for that M ingredient in other products. Women beware! I do not write comments but felt do so! Thank you again!

  14. You’re welcome! I now use organic shampoos and my hair is in such beautiful condition. I’ve never had it this healthy and shiny. I will write a new post soon about how to get perfect strands!

  15. Thanks so much ladies reading your comments made me feel so much better I couldn’t believe how much hair loss I have had since I starting using this product. If this product is so terrible why has it not been pulled from the shelf. Have any of you complained to Unilever? First thing in the morning I will be making a call I’m so freaked out and I hope my hair grows back I have been also using it on my children and they same thing has been happening to them. thanks so much ladies

  16. i have been using this product for 6 months and i have to admit that at first i thought that i was stressed out and that is why my hair was thinning and i have lost so much hair its ridiculous. i now have 2 bald spots that i noticed yesterday. i am discontinuing to use this product.

  17. I have this same problem. i had very thick long hair. i started using this shampoo because my sister used it and it made her hair look silky and soft. ive been using it for a while now and i couldnt figure out why my hair was getting so thin. I shed ALOT. Thanks for all info, i will not use it again.

  18. I have been using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (luxurious moisture for dry or dull hair) and it has been fine but this year at the end of March I woke up one morning and my pillow was full of my hair. I really did panic and being stressed did make me think this was the reason. I stopped some of my medications to see if they were the cause but up to this day I have lost so much hair I am starting to lose the plot mentally. After much stress I decided to Google this hair product and found this site and I’m so glad I did. I am now going to go out and buy some different hair products and see if this is the reason why I am losing my hair. My hair is everywhere but where it’s supposed to be, on my head! Thank you so much to everyone that has posted. x

  19. Forgot to add, when my hair started failing out, after shampooing and conditioning with Tresemme I did notice my head was feeling really hot and itchy and the tops of my ears were burning and hot…my face is also more puffy that even my Doctor cannot explain. So it’s worth trying something different with your hair just to see if it is these products..I know I will be.

  20. People don’t use these products! I have lost a lot of hair and some of my family meme we have experienced the same!
    Tressemme is the worst!

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