Let the Stars or even your Nemesis inspire YOU


You watch TV, browse the Internet, read newspapers/magazines and everywhere you go what you mostly see is a celebrity or a model that is on the cover of something looking absolutely PERFECT. First thought that comes to mind is, “She’s so Photoshopped.” While 9 out of 10 ten times this is true, there are some celebrities who are indeed extremely fit and gorgeous. But as humans that we are, we may feel a bit jealous, and we cope by sinking our teeth into that soft, sweet crème-filled doughnut with chocolate frosting as you mumble with your mouth full, “So fake.” Well, not anymore! We want you to let the stars inspire you or if you happen to admire (or hate) someone don’t waste your time being envious of them, steal their tricks! See what you like about them. Is it their hair color? The way they dress? Something you can see in yourself? Start planning on reinventing yourself! Want to be as fit as a celeb? Cut their picture out, place it on your refrigerator’s door so when you reach for that super rich cake, that pic will remind you about your weight goal. Even if your nemesis has something you will kill for, ever heard the saying, “Hating her won’t make you pretty”?  Because truthfully said, it won’t! You must stop wasting time on them and begin spending more time on YOU. Don’t like your skin? See a dermatologist. Drink more water. Eat healthier. Moisturize! It’s all up to YOU. You must focus on you. We encourage you to be selfish!

If you need help finding inspiration, search for an actress, singer, or model that has the same eye and hair color as you. Browse the net, find pictures of them, try to imitate their makeup and see which hairstyles and colors look good on them, if they have your same tone, body shape and similar features, chances are it will look just as good on you. See what they wear, if you have an akin bod, surely the clothes they wear may compliment you as well. Do try to mix it up, and put some of your creative touch to it. Know there’s always room for improvement and make sure to feel comfortable in your own skin. Let the stars or anyone you hate to love start inspiring you. But remember NOT to lose your sense of self. There’s only one of them and there’s only one of you. It’s time to start loving yourself!

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