After a Certain Age Being too Thin can make you look Older

janice dickinson

Centuries ago being borderline obese was a sign of wealth and sexiness. But fast forward to the third millennium and if your BMI is greater than 20% most of us start a diet or go crazy trying to stay fit. Blame it on the media, celebrities, models, or designers — take your pick. The truth is that in this era… ThIN is IN. But I’d like to rephrase that. I think we should all be at a healthy weight. Being either under or overweight is never a good thing. I recall going to this high-end mall and the women there who happen to be shopping with what seem their teenage daughters were just as thin if not thinner than their children. It was appalling. Not many women can pull it off. Their skin looked stretched and their faces extremely aged. As women, we have the power to eat right, exercise, and get that nice body we want regardless of age, but need I remind you? Age is something you can’t run away from. It will start showing on your neck, hands, eyes, skin, etc. The skin starts losing elasticity, you may be more prone to sunspots and darn it that youthful glow disappears. I’ve seen women in their 40s all the way to their 70s struggling to look like a waif model and instead they start looking like Skeletor.

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Sometimes, you need a little fat to plump those cheeks and fill those wrinkles… cheaper than Botox! I’m not saying older women shouldn’t be thin, but what I am saying is that being too thin will make you look older instead of cute and hip. There comes a time, when you just have to enjoy the years you’ve lived and let go a bit. Now, I’m not telling you to eat burgers and fries because society may see you as a hag and you’re done. What I’m saying is that a little meat on your bones is sexier than a skeletal figure (Madonna? Demi Moore?). So, if you’re in your 40s or older think JLO, Sharon Osbourne, Halle Berry or even Jennifer Hudson. These women are sexy because they embrace their curves. Mature women should behave as such. We’re not here to compete with a 95 lbs. teenage girl, we’ve lived our life, we’ve learned to live in our skin, we know what pleases us, and we’re going to be SEXY because we can! But sometimes “trying to look sexy” will not get you the confidence vote. Love yourself. Compete with yourself. Accentuate your best features. Just know that “thin” has its limits, just like spandex. Have your salads, and cheat a little. Sexiness comes from within. Work on your exterior, but don’t ignore your interior. After you hit a certain age, women who are too thin, in most cases, will look much older.

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