Complementary Colors Compliment YOU: The perfect eye shadow color to bring out your eyes!

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Ladies, if you want to make your eye color pop/seem brighter play with complementary colors. Some people believe that using a hue akin to that of their natural eye color will make the eyes seem lighter. This is why many women with blue eyes wear blue eyeshadows, women with brown eyes wear brown eyeshadow, etc. This actually will mute the color rather than make them shine, it somewhat flattens the color of your eye because it harmonizes it too much and dulls them. If you want your peepers to standout this is what you must do…

  • Brown eyes:┬áThe color BROWN doesn’t exist. The color brown is really ORANGE mixed with a dark color. The opposite of orange is blue. As a result, BLUE eyeshadows or liners will make those brown eyes really bright!
  • Green Eyes: The opposite of green is red. Using red color on your lids will be too much, therefore play with pink tint, tones, and shades. (Pink is really red mixed with variations of white.)
  • Blue eyes: Same thing. The opposite of blue is orange, orange is what makes the color brown. Therefore, women with blue eyes should play with tangy, coral, and brown shades to make those baby blues pop!
  • Dark Eyes: Women with chocolate to coffee brown eyes may feel inclined to use the “brown eyes” rule. However, don’t get discouraged. Dark eyes are truly beautiful. Women with dark eyes can play with ALL colors of the rainbow, especially brights and neons, they have that to their advantage. Lucky gals! Who said only women with light eyes are beautiful? No one!

Don’t forget to add tons of mascara and if your lashes are short, try falsies!

Extra TIP: If you have small eyes and want to make them appear larger use WHITE, BEIGE, or a SALMON colored liner on your waterline. If you want to make big eyes appear smaller use eyeliners in BLACK, BROWN, or DARK BLUES and GREENS instead.

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