BH Cosmetics Black Gel Liner

bh cosmetics gel liners

I prefer using pencils to line my eyes. However, I’ve noticed that gel liners last me longer than liquid ones and pencils. Trying different brands of gel liners, I finally found a winner in my book. I cannot walk out of my house without wearing BH Cosmetics Black Gel Liner (in Onyx). From the consistency to its pigmentation it is by far one of the best products I’ve used and am most content with. I’ve bought them in various shades and they deliver well. All of their gel liners come with a seal. When you open the product do not get rid of the seal. I did for some and they quickly hardened and I had to toss them. As for the ones I left the seal on, they are in tip-top shape. All in all, they blend well, are long lasting, easy to apply and remove.  Available at BHC for $3.50

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