SEXY vs. BEAUTIFUL: Are you SEXY or Beautiful?

Marilyn Monroe

Are you BEAUTIFUL or SEXY? There is a difference between the two,  you may be blessed with one or the other, if not both. How do you tell them apart? Easy. Marilyn Monroe is Sexy. Audrey Hepburn is Beautiful. It’s not to say that these women aren’t both extremely beautiful, they are. But one exudes more sexiness than the other. Sexy women have tons of confidence. Sexiness comes from within. It has nothing to do with the exterior or what you wear. It is a DIVA like persona, a woman so sure of herself her confidence captivates others. Sexy women tend to look naughty. They are very sensual and confident. Ever seen an ugly woman who swears she’s God’s gift to nature? As you think to yourself, “what do men see in her?” They see her confidence and that is what makes her sexy!


Beautiful women have a soft image, they look more innocent and natural. They also get a lot of attention. Sexy women men want to have, they arouse others. Beautiful women men want to marry, they hypnotize all. Beautiful women subtly drive people wild about them without intent or forcefully. Jessica Alba is beautiful. Megan Fox is sexy. What are YOU?

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