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You’re probably debating if you should cut your hair, let it grow out, or style it. Before doing anything to your hair you should know your face shape and which styles suit you, I will delve deeper on this in future articles. But for now, I will dare tell you how long should your long hair be according to your age. Most men love women with long hair. This is why some women, regardless of age, opt for super long locks because it is considered more appealing. However, when one hits a certain age, the length of your hair should shorten as you grow older. Unless you are one of those who love and want the grandma gray hair bun when you hit 80 years old, women older than 55+ should really start shortening their hair…

  • 20s: Any woman from her teens to her 20s could really play with hair and experiment with every length, style, and color. It’s good to find what shades and cuts go with you. Be daring, have fun, who cares what anyone thinks, you’re only young once!
  • 30s: Women in their 30s can still get away with having any style or cut (i.e., dramatic layers), but should refrain from color akin to that of the rainbow. You are a mature woman, have fun, you’re still very young. Just keep it classy.
  • 40s: Women in their forties should try to sway away from growing their locks extremely long. Hair length hitting the bra strap or two inches below it, is fine (anything above it is superb). Trimming and cutting are great. However, it’s time to start shortening.
  • 50s+: If you are 50 years of age or older, now it’s a good time for a bob or shoulder length hair. You will probably hate me for this, but long locks in your fifties, sixties and seventies, for most women is NOT a good look. How many times I’ve seen super thin women or those with svelte figures, with beautiful long hair (making any 20-year-old man go gaga for them), they turn around and… CRINGE. *shriek* Your face doesn’t hide your age, even if you are blessed with great genes, at this age, women get that mature look and you can’t run away from that. You can still play with color, even gray (Remember Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears PRADA?). I find it really beautiful seeing women who still look young with gray hair. Try dark red, honey brown, platinum blonde, highlights, etc. Want to go for a pixie, or a boy cut… that’s also fine. Now is the time to cut, cut, cut! Just make sure to accessorize, and have loads of fun picking out earrings!

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  1. Amazing blog FashAddix, I also belong to the age of 20’s and I always doubted whether I shoud try different hair cuts or not..or whether these hair cuts will suit me or not buy you have solved my problem to a great extent. Thanks for your tips.

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