Fashion can Make or Break your Career

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. There’s no exception to that rule. Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman who is smart, but cannot dress properly even if her life depended on it? Knew someone who was competent, yet got fired because their image said the total opposite of what they stood for? Ever worked with the office slob who was clever, yet unsightly? How about the Plain Jane who tries her hand at fashion, she then comes in with purple eye shadow thinking it is complementing her bright hot pink fuchsia lips (making you cringe) and all you want to do is help the miserable, uninformed, out-of-date poor fashion soul? We feel you!

Fashion can make or break your career whether you are famous or not.

We WARN celebrities, because they must grasp this concept better than anyone in any industry, since they are in the public eye all of the time. There are many talented entertainers who don’t dress the part and end up nowhere because their image says nothing great about them. On the other hand, there are famous women with NO great singing, dancing or acting talent (i.e., Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese) yet they are getting the best deals in the business because they can dress and look the part. These women master the art of classiness, dress superbly well and therefore become desired and admired for how they look. They are not extremely gorgeous women, but they are daring and have a sense for style. NOW, do NOT confuse making a Fashion Statement/Uniqueness with being RIDICULOUS. This is what many people get WRONG. Remember when Christina Aguilera earned the XXXTina nickname? Yes, people loved her music, but no one respected her fashion taste. She was soft on the ears and hard on the eyes. Then she changed her style completely, people started respecting her more as an entertainer, companies wanted her to advertise their products and all of this just because she changed her look.

Another misconception celebs believe in is that “There’s no such thing as BAD publicity.” There really IS such a thing. The wrong dress will put you on every tabloid to mock you. Your goal is to be in everyone’s mouth for how great you looked, you don’t want to be the joke of the town. That’s not the kind of publicity you should be seeking. No one will take you seriously. We personally love fashion, we admire and encourage self-expression, but you have to know when and how to do it (there’s a time and place for everything). The red carpet isn’t it. Not only will fashion critics be present, directors, producers and other famous people will also attend and criticize you heavily while ruining any potential collaborations or future roles just for how you presented yourself that night. If your look is cheap, that’s the kind of offers you will get.

The same thing goes for those of you who are at a regular job, your boss would not want to be seen with you in public if you lack presentation skills. You don’t need communication skills when your outfit does the talking. Allow the outfit to speak for you.

No matter who you are or what you specialize in you need to be respected in any field you embark on and your appearance is a major component of this.

TIP: When dressing up, or changing styles don’t emulate anyone. Yes, other people can INSPIRE you, but don’t lose your sense of SELF. You need to make sure any style you try works with your personality. If people say you overexpose yourself, don’t think that conservative is the way to go to opaque a vivacious look, but it does not mean you have to dress déclassé either. You have to find the balance between the two.

Also, be careful with so called “Fashion Experts” there are lots of FAKE Fashionistas out there. Whether you are hiring a stylist or just someone to revamp your closet, the person you work with has to know your personal style. When hiring a professional look at their portfolio. See how they can incorporate what they know with who you are. Make sure you look at their success stories, pay attention on how much they listen to you. They need to intertwine your personality with their expertise in order to turn you into a glam babe. It’s not based on their personal taste only it has to do with you, your body’s contour, and the event you are attending.


Even if you are not in the entertainment industry and have a regular 9-5 job you need to know how to dress. If you work in an artsy, fashion company you must be fashionable. If you work at an office job steer away from low cut blouses and miniskirts. Save those kinds of outfits for your hoochie-momma club nights with your girlfriends. Play it safe at work, stick with professional business or casual business attire. If you work at a job where dressing casual is fine, then stay on the safe side of the fence. The key is to feel comfortable with what you wear, and not overdo it. If you are tugging or pulling up those super low cut jeans, maybe you shouldn’t wear them. Try low rise instead of super low rise. You are not sacrificing a great deal. If you are pulling your shirt up to cover a cleavage, that will take your focus away on what’s important on the meeting’s agenda (your business peers may have a hard time focusing too). Try a more business appropriate silk or cotton blouse. You know how they say you have to know when to speak up or shut up? It’s the same thing with fashion, you have to know when to play it classy and when to be flamboyant. The secret is to WORK with what you have. Victoria Beckham always says in her interviews that she makes the best of her attributes and she really, truly does! If your eyes are your best feature, emphasize the look, if it is your legs, make sure to show those gams, if it is your curves, try dresses (for work a pencil sheath dress is perfect) that accentuate those killer curves; if you have a great smile, smile often and wear lipsticks that makes your pearly whites stand out. If you have gorgeous hair, leave those lovely locks loose! Play and work with what you’ve got you can make the BEST of it.

What I recommend, and trust me on this one, is to observe other peoples’ styles. Learn from their mistakes. When updating your wardrobe make sure to go for colors that go well with your complexion. If brights don’t look good on you, stay away from them, if you are too pale for pale colors, don’t buy clothing items in those tints! Know yourself. Who are your favorite designers? How do they relate to you? We love and respect many designers, yet we will never buy their creations because it does not suit/fit us well. Target one celebrity or person (he/she doesn’t have to be famous) and see what is it you like about them that you can see in yourself. Don’t copy their whole complete look, remember there is only one of them and there is only one of YOU. But do try one thing you like about them. For instance, we love the 60’s stars. We don’t dress as if a time capsule dropped us off in the wrong era, but we like the makeup, nude lips and bold eyes and we play with that often. Dressing better doesn’t mean you stop being who you are, it just means you are improving your image.

The secret is to read magazines, fashion blogs, research, analyze models, what jumps out at you? See how they play with color, if they’re sporting a new do that may go with you, try it! Pick an era. Are you a 1800’s, 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or a new millennium girl? Stay in the know of what’s IN and OUT, but don’t religiously follow a trend, and make sure your personal style doesn’t fade completely. We want you to feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy. BUT we also want to see nice, with a touch of class and spice in anything and everything you wear.

We’re sure you’ll do great Fashkiddos! Make sure to always have fun with it.

Stay Fashionable,


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