10 Reasons why YOU should dump HIM

loversI have sisters, girl friends, cousins who have had relationships that worked and some that didn’t. I’m sure I’ve seen and heard it all. Personally, I think I’ve lived it all. It is astounding the stories I’ve heard and even experienced in the past. Women possess so much power and we don’t even use it. It has come to the point where men value themselves more than we do. This has got to STOP. We don’t want men to feel inferior, but a woman must know her worth, we are valuable, yet priceless. Sometimes we devalue ourselves and then blame others for the way we allow them to treat us. If a man is not right for you, don’t put any excuses or stick by him because you think he is your “soul mate”. If a man does not treat you with love and respect CUT him loose. There are over 7 billion people in the world, do you really need to stick with that one pathetic loser who you are not fully content with? NO. Here are some pointers and warnings, if he is even one of any of our top 10 mentions below, it may be time to kiss him goodbye.

  • 1. DOESN’T FOOT THE BILL: I enjoy listening to relationship experts and they always say let a man take charge. It does not matter if you are an independent-feminist-girl-power-chica if a man takes you out on a date he MUST pay. UNLESS, you’re specifically treating him for whatever reason it is fine, that’s different, if NOT he needs to be a gentleman. Is it always his duty to pay up? No. If you’re dating for a while and you want to help and chip in, that is okay. If you make more money than he does, still let him pay. There are restaurants in different price ranges, it is not how much he spends it is the thought that counts. Some men feel that if women work they should pay half the bill. I’ve heard guys say, “Well, if women want to be equal, I’m all for it, she needs to pay.” The guy who says that is an IDIOT. Even worse, he’s a CHEAP idiot. I know many successful women that after work have to come home to clean, cook, take care of the children, do the laundry, and the list never ends. Let a man be a man. If a man ever makes you pay for half of almost everything, dump him. If he really likes you he will want to impress you. And if he cannot afford it, he will cook a nice dinner for you. Give him an “A” for effort, but if he doesn’t even try pleasing you don’t stay with him.
  • 2. MAGIC MIKE: I get utterly annoyed when I hear men say, “When we’re having sex we both get to climax [I’m assuming, if he’s any good at all], I don’t owe her anything she doesn’t owe me anything.” That guy is a JERK, a poor excuse for a man. How presumptuous of him to think he has the magic wand that with a few swipes, ABRACADABRA… orgasmic experience! OMG! This is not about sex, it is about having respect for another human being. If a man ever tells you that RUN and don’t look back. If you slept with him, don’t do it again and don’t admit to it. He’s a walking penis because obviously he has no brains, personality, or morale.
  • 3. HATES CHILDREN: Yes, kids are cute, even when they’re annoying. A man who doesn’t like children is a huge RED flag screaming you shouldn’t be with him. If you get pregnant, chances are he will flee. If he’s honest and he tells you he does not want children, don’t try to change him and let him impregnate you. I know lots of women who think a child will tie a man down, financially… maybe. Physically and emotionally? NOT. It doesn’t work that way, perhaps in the 1920s. Nowadays it is highly unlikely. Let him go… quickly!
  • 4. HE HATES YOUR CHILDREN: If you’re a single parent, I’ve seen countless women go against their children choosing a man over them. This is a GIGANTIC mistake. A man is here today gone tomorrow. They come and go. Family is forever. If he doesn’t value your children, he does not value you. Your offspring is a part of you. He needs to love and respect your children just as much as he loves you if not more. Do NOT put your boyfriend before your children, they will grow up and despise you for it. You’re thinking about NOW instead of years from now. When you get old your children get to pick your home or care for you… your so-called “man” may not be around. If you didn’t care for your children because you were too busy caring for your hot stud, don’t expect your kids to be there for you in the future when you are sick or old and gray.
  • 5. DOESN’T CALL: If he only texts you, he’s a walking piece of excrement. He is a child accustomed to playing games. He is a kid inside a man’s body. Toss him in a garbage can and don’t even consider the recycle bin. Moreover, if you text him and he doesn’t text back, he is NOT busy. A text takes seconds. He can text you while in the bathroom, eating, and even driving (although we don’t recommend it). If he calls when he feels like it or doesn’t bother picking up the phone, don’t waste your time. He is playing around and you are just there for his entertainment.

red rose

  • 6. IGNORES HOLIDAYS: If for your birthday, Valentine’s day or any special occasion he doesn’t get you anything… DUMP HIM. This is not about money it is about PRINCIPLES. I’m sure your kid brother knows how to make a homemade card wishing you a happy holiday. If a man loves or really likes a woman even if he cannot afford an expensive gift he can write you a poem, love letter, or buy you a single rose. Let him be creative. What comes from the heart touches the heart. If he doesn’t do any of this put your sneakers on and this time don’t run, LEAP as far away from him as possible. He obviously doesn’t love you or cares enough about you.
  • 7. BELITTLES YOU: If a man is constantly calling you FAT, saying you are stupid, comparing you to other women or making any degrading remarks about you, leave him. What he’s doing is what psychologists call “projection.” He hates himself so much he has to have a punching bag around to take out his frustration. This should serve as a warning. Verbal abuse can later lead to sexual and physical abuse. Do not wait until it gets that bad. LEAVE HIM. He is NO good for you. You deserve better than that moronic insecure COWARD.
  • 8. HE HITS YOU: The minute a man strikes you, have NO pity. Call the cops, put a restraining order against him and even if he apologizes a million times, do NOT forgive him. He has anger issues you do not have to deal with. He is hazardous to your life. CAUTION. If he does it once, he’ll do it twice. He is testing the waters on what he can get away with. Let him test the waters in Big Bubba’s prison cell. Big Bubba loves macho men.
  • 9. HE LOVES THE SINGLE LIFE: If a man tells you he enjoys being single—believe him. NO you cannot change him. When a man is in love he has no qualms on showing it or giving you clues he wants to settle down. He’s not tired or afraid of getting hurt, busy, or emotionally unstable. He is a MALE WHORE and he likes it. There’s nothing wrong with that. He can have his fun. However, if you’re looking for something serious do not fool yourself into thinking MR. WRONG is right for you.
  • 10. STOP PRAISING HIM: Women are too thankful. If a man takes you out to dinner or tells you you’re beautiful one thank you suffices. Don’t act as if men never compliment you or you’ve never gotten a free meal before. You know you can pay your own dinner if you want to. A “Thank you” shows your gratitude. Another thing that is absolutely hilarious to me are men who are arrogant. Do you know why men are so cocky and overly confident? Because WOMEN praise them too much. Don’t misinterpret me. If a man is deserving of praise give it to him, but don’t overdo it. I have a friend who was dating this guy who swore he was God’s most precious gift to women the universe. Every time she spoke to him on the phone it was an, “All the girls like you, I know it, you’re too hot babe.” He rarely, if ever, complimented her. He cheated on her multiple times and she always took him back. The day I finally met this douchebag I wanted to drop. He is scrawny, hideous, unintelligent, one of the most unsightly creatures I’ve ever seen. However, my friend praised him so much he felt like HE-MAN (a very malnutritioned one if I may add). He believed he was handsome, as a result he tricked many women into thinking he was. He behaved like a prize. And my friend who is gorgeous felt like she was carrying the award when it was the other way around. Some men are great psychologists even without the title (BEWARE) they really know how to brainwash women. My friend boosted his confidence while he stepped all over hers. In the end, he dumped her for good. Evidently, he was too in love with himself. Sadly, men like that end up with the only woman that’ll love them regardless— their mother!

Darn it ladies, don’t let that happen to you. If he is not for keeps be the dumper NOT the dumpee. Let’s learn to love ourselves more. You deserve nothing less than the best. STOP concentrating on losers and never overlook a real man with good intentions because he may be the ONE for you.

Hasta pronto amigas.



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