How to Grow Longer, Thicker Lashes

Recently, I used a product that left my eyelashes in bad shape. In desperate search for a product that would reinstate my lashes to their previous condition I found this YouTube video. If you watch the video, the beauty guru above uses Petroleum Jelly. I was hesitant  to try it at first, but since it was already in my beauty closet, I went for it. Within 3 weeks of use, my lashes are longer, healthier, and thicker. They look absolutely beautiful and amazing!!! I’ve never used fake lashes, and thanks to this beauty trick, it looks as if I will never have to. My lashes are so long they clash against my glasses. Vaseline is versatile. It is used to heal cuts, shine leather shoes, moisturize chapped lips, so I never thought in a million years that it would work for me, but it did! Some people use it to replace their facial moisturizers. Personally, I would never apply this all over my face. However, there’s a rumor that one of Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secrets is applying PJ all over the eye area to keep her skin feeling supple. I do apply it over my lids and it works fantastically. But as always fashkiddos, you know our #1 rule. Read our privacy policy and make sure to ask your dermatologist first before using any product we recommend or rave about.

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