8 thoughts on “unilever being sued

  1. I have the letter suave sent me apologizing about my ruined hair. Nearly fell out thank god I did not leave it on long, knew something was wrong first 5 minutes.

  2. I have used the relaxer. Should I be worried? I have already gone thru Radiation for Breast Cancer prior to using the product. I have an unopen box still at home. Is this product more dangerous then the salon brands?

  3. I have used this kit twice the first time my hair turned out great but the second time a few days after treatment my hair started falling out in patches I went a stylist she the only way to correct the damage is to cut it off it took me 4yrs to get the length I have something needs to be done to sauve for misleading me about the product

  4. Help it has been 4 months for my hair and it continues to break off and is fried. It seems like it is getting worse not better. I have spent over $2000 and yet I am still struggling. No one is responding to my letters Unilever, Suave or Kroeger.

    I tried to join a class action lawsuit with Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Esensten but they have not contacted me back yet either. The $12 is not sufficient and my current professional stylist believes it will be at least another year before my hair is back to normal if ever. I can not afford this!!

    Is there any hope we will get some resolve from the company. Please someone help!! This is truly a nightmare and not only has it ruined my hair but my personal life, my professional life and my personal well-being have all been severely compromised.

    Any information that you might have regarding where I might go next would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I used this product twice and my hair is falling out.I wouldn’t recommend using this if you like your hair.Definitely false advertisement.

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