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A few days ago, my cousin and I stopped at Walgreens. She saw the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Kit for $13.99 and decided to buy it.  She was delighted since she wanted smoother, healthier looking hair and this 3-step process kit promises just that. She did a YouTube search for this product and some people gave it rave reviews. She went to the Suave website, took the test given there, everything seem okay, and was ready to use it since she has not dyed her hair in years. The product clearly states in fine print its warning signs:

However, she went for it. Later that same day she calls me in a state of panic. I rushed over to her house only to see her hair falling out in clumps. Her home smelled horribly as if this kit were a perm or relaxer. You must apply it in a ventilated area and by this I mean OUTSIDE (smells like rotten eggs). It is hard to believe this product works as a Keratin treatment. She said she left it on for only 5 minutes when she noticed her hair transforming into nappy little curls. She washed it completely off with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner, but it was too late.  Her extremely beautiful hair that she already had (she did NOT need this product!) completely vanished. Her hair is fried almost in its entirety as if she lit a match to it. It melted. This product is an utter NIGHTMARE. The next day we went to the salon to cut over 8 inches off. This Suave Keratin treatment is “tears in a box” because if you use it, you might end up doing lots of crying. She had permed her hair over 10 years ago, so she did not expect such results (new hair grows in by then). Overall, I think this product “might” work better on people with virgin hair (hair that has never been chemically processed).  However, with the damage this infusion kit has done before my eyes to her once lux strands, I refuse to recommend it.

I did further research with her and many users after applying this treatment have completely lost their hair, are now bald, and some are spending hundreds of dollars on wigs. Visit the Suave website for more reviews that for the most part are negative. Suave is misleading the public, this product does not work well with color treated hair. One thing is marketing a product and another thing is false advertisement. Why would anyone want to use any Suave product again after such harsh experience? I am appalled by what I’ve seen, especially when looking at my cousin who now has about 4 inches of hair left.  If you use this product, you’ve been warned. Contact a professional if you still feel you will have better luck. As a beauty and fashion reviewer, I have never seen a product cause so much damage as this, and I have seen some special cases. Nothing surpasses this. I do NOT recommend this Suave Keratin Treatment at all. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE #1: Thus far my cousin’s hair is improving (the remaining kinky 4 inches she has left). She used coconut oil which helped a bit and later got a REAL Keratin treatment that she paid over $200 for. Her beautician says this product acted more as a relaxer. She stated that Keratin treatments are supposed to nourish the hair not damage it. She also added that there are relaxers that contain small amounts of Keratin and are being advertised as treatments, when indeed they are harsh straighteners that can lighten and burn hair. 

UPDATE #2: Unilever/Suave has DISCONTINUED this product.


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  1. This is Andrew from Suave’s Consumer Services team. I read the review of your cousin’s experience and would like to put her in touch with one of our specialists. We hope you will share our contact information with your cousin so we can learn more and see what we can do to help. She can call us at 800-671-6025 or email

  2. Thank you for this review. I was planning on purchasing this product today. I have very curly hair that has never been chemically straightened or permed, but I do use hair coloring (the type that washes out after 28 shampoos). Definately NOT interested in taking this kind of risk.

  3. Thank you for sharing your review with all of us.

    Nicole Richie (the adopted, petite, multiracial,
    daughter of celebrity, Lionel Richie) has been
    hired as the ‘spokesperson’ for this new ‘Suave
    Kerative Infusion Treatment’ hair product line.

    And here … I had thought Nicole Richie was
    so in love with the ‘Brazilian Blowout’ (only
    available at salons) and NOW we find out that
    she’s “Sold Her Soul” to PEDDLE some $13 / otc
    cheapo / drugstore product called ‘Suave Keratin
    Infusion’ (that you have to wait DAYS to even
    see if it works AND) that everyone else is saying
    has damaged their hair just as bad as that absolutely
    horrible ‘Organix’ otc product had previously damaged
    the curly, wavy, frizzy, etc. hair of so many other people.

    There is NO WAY I’m going to believe that Nicole Richie
    has given up the professionally-applied ‘Brazilian Blowout’
    in order to use some cheapo / OTC / Drug Store product
    on her celebrity hair – especially ‘Suave’ (which is the
    cheapest product of all of them) AND still had the very
    same damaged-free locks of the Brazilian Blowout (BB).

    That’s like expecting me to believe that ‘Wolfgang
    Puck’ or ‘Gordan Ramsey’ now prefer ‘Banquet’
    frozen tv dinners to their professional restaurant
    meals – rather than to just assume that ‘Banquet’
    paid them a lot of money to peddle their crap.

    Both the people at ‘Suave’ and ‘Nicole Richie’ must
    think pretty low of the general public IF they expect
    us to believe that Nicole would EVER abandon her
    beloved BB in favor of some drugstore product.

    Asking us to believe that ‘Nicole Richie’ would ever
    give-up her regular Brazilian Blowout treatments in
    favor of a cheapo, dime-store ‘Suave Keratin Infusion’
    treatment – is like expecting us to believe that Jennifer
    Lopez would trade-in her beloved ‘Ferrari’ for a ‘Fiat’! LOL

  4. Please keep us updated on your cousins hair. I used this product too, but washed it out right away. I agree this is definitely a relaxing product and not a keratin treatment. I lost my hair like your cousin 7 years ago from a japanese straightening so I know what she is going through. I will never use this product again. I will go to a pro to get a keratin treatment. Tell your cousin to hang in there.

  5. I used this product last night. I HAD virgin hair. Dark in color, fine and curly. As of today, what hair I have left is straight and damaged. After comparing ingredients to a perm box I have concluded that this is a straightener marketed as a keratin treatment. I would never willingly put a perm…relaxer or straightener in my hair. I feel deceived, ripped off and damaged. After consulting with my beautician there are only two fixes and both exceed $700. I am very displeased with Suave for deceptive trade practices regarding this product.

  6. I used this product yesterday and it totally KILLED my hair–Suave should pay for me to have it fixed though I think the only remedy would be to chop it all off

  7. Andrew, unless you know of a miraculous way of growing 8 inches of hair back overnight, reimburse all consumers for purchasing this product in addition to covering the money they paid professionals to remedy the damage this product has done, and get customers’ hair in the condition Suave’s misleading product promised… then you will most likely be of NO assistance. If Suave likes to conduct experiments, FYI–Humans aren’t lab RATS!!

  8. I had the same experience… half of my head broke off about 1 mm from the scalp. YOU REALLY SHOULD TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF THE SHELF!!!!!

  9. I had beutiful long blonde hair – dry – frizzy like most at times. I used the product expecting it “smooth” as it advertised. I ran screaming from the sink after having the product on for only 3 minutes – not even finished using the bottle. I have lost over a third of my hair. My beautician confirms the above statements. False advertising – should NEVER be used on blonde hair – it is a relaxer NOT Keratin. I am devastated – my long hair is my gem – or was. I am embaraased to go out – or to let anyone know what happened. I am 47 years old and absolutely sick. I will spend years trying to get my beautiful hair back. They naturally are trying to blame users – how much money will they make before they pull the product – never enough to replace what I or others have lost. I am absolutley ill over this – I feel ugly now.

  10. Thank you guys for all your inputs and feedback despite of your bad experience with this new Suave Keratin product so called keratin!!!I just purchased it last night and for some odd reason was hesitating to actually do it, I guess like the old saying go with your gut instinct. I will NOT do this to my hair I am so sorry for those of you that have had to suffer from the —- ups of the company Suave for selling this product. I hope they pay for all the bad shit the consumers have had to go through. Thanks once again!

  11. Glad I saw these reviews, I was about to use the box I bought today. Definitely will be returning it tomorrow.

  12. hello everyone. i came across this page in hopes of finding real reviews and pictures before I tried the suave keratin treatment. I was not sure about what it was until I saw this page. I will NOT invest anything into this product. I thank everyone, and I am truly sorry for those who suffered. Please visit my channel where i do discussed increased hair growth. That is all that I can offer…

  13. I posted my thoughts and deep sadness yesterday regarding my horrible experience with this product. I have decided that I want to pursue this legally. I have not slept in 2 nights and feel I have lost part of my identity and it will take years before I feel comfortable with my hair and my self esteem. Any thoughts – postitve please as I cannot deal with negative or nasty comments.Would anyone like to join me?

  14. I posted my thoughts and deep sadness yesterday regarding my horrible experience with this product. I have decided that I want to pursue this legally. I have not slept in 2 nights and feel I have lost part of my identity and it will take years before I feel comfortable with my hair and my self esteem. Any thoughts – postitve please as I cannot deal with negative or nasty comments.Would anyone like to join me?

  15. Sadly I have just fallen victim to this too. I have gotten professional keratin treatments over 6 months ago and wanted to try something in between professional sessions to control the cost. I called the number on the box when I frantically saw the damage and have just been told that “Someone would get back to me.” Its like they dont even care. . .

    Does anyone have any suggestions for corrections? So far I have been adding oil to my hair every moment I can. Would another keratin help? A REAL one, not a straightener masked as one.

    Trying to keep hope alive :/

  16. Hello MariR. Yes. A professional Keratin treatment will help a lot. It did lots of damage control to my cousin’s hair. Of course, it is costly, but it did repair the bit of hair she had left.

  17. I had to cut most of my hair – I have chosen not to persue legally as my son is ill and I have to change my focus. Suave did offer to cover the cost of my repair through my salon… however they have yet to send me the letter or money. If they are in fact reading these posts… I kindly request that you honor your word – furthermore I ask that you reconsider your advertising on a product that is horribly mierepresented.

  18. UGH !!!! I just fell victim to this mess about 2 hours ago… I will not accept “free hand lotion” or a coupon TRUST ME ! NOT HAPPY AT ALL !

  19. Renee, I am in Georgia about 30 min outside of Atlanta and I agree… this needs to go further. It has taken me over a year or more to get my hair this length now what ?
    UGH ! I am NOT a very happy person right now.

  20. Hi Everyone,

    I feel the pain on this page. I myself did the Suave Keratin Treatment and have been losing clumps of hair for the past three days since Ive put this mess in my head.
    Im constantly in tears and stressed over what the end result will be.
    I have contacted Suave who claim they don’t know of many other complaints about this product and who have offered me my money back and coupons to go buy their moisturizing products.
    I preparing for the worst and praying for the best.
    Try to stay strong if you are currently dealing with this issue.

  21. I too did this to my hair today and have been in tears ever since I did it!!! I have called my hair salon and am going in tomorrow, I fear that I too will have to cut most of my hair off!! I am so upset and mad at myself for not looking into the reviews before I did this treatment!I am warning everyone I know not to use this product!!

  22. I almost bought it for my daughter and I til I read the warning on it. I told my daughter if it has this much warning on it is not worth the risk. I now know I did the right thing after reading these reviews. I am very sorry that everyone had to go through this. The product should not be out on the market.

  23. This is Renee – from above postings. I received information from an attorney to contact the following and to issue a complaint. The atty – stated” we strongly recommend that you imediately report your defect experience to CPSC. The Consumer Product Safey Commission – This is a United STates Governmental Dept. which welcomes being notified of product defects, product safety, complaints, component failures. To report – visit website at or call 1-800-638-2772 – or by mail – US Consumer Product Safety Commission – 4330 East West Hwy – Bethesda, MD 20814,
    I will be doing so – This is absolutly not right that this product is still on the shelf.

  24. I bought this product for my 16 year old daughter, and I am so glad that I read the reviews before trying it on her.
    I will be taking this back to the store to get my money back. I am sorry for those of you who had these horrible experiences; I can only imagine how you feel.

  25. So glad I read these reviews as I was about to go out and purchase this product. I have spent 2 years growing out my relaxer and was thinking of using the keratin, for smoothing as my hair is pretty frizzy now. I will just stick with taming my tresses the natural way.

    Thanks a gazillion times.

  26. I wish I had read these reviews/comments BEFORE using this product. Luckily (so far) I haven’t noticed any “damage” however I didnt leave the product on my hair for the recommended time. I was a little wary after smelling the product (which smells very much like a relaxer!) that it wasnt a true keratin treatment. I was right! I spent over 2 years growing my relaxed hair out and after going natural I have since used the brazilian keratin treatments. I love the results but they are costly so when I saw the suave kit on the shelf for only $10 I was excited by the price. I feel I was deceived by Suave marketing this as a keratin treatment when it’s NOTHING like one! If I had read these reviews before I would have returned the kit immediately! I am going to write a complaint to Suave today!

  27. I agree with you Heather! I too am mad at myself for not doing more research before believing the company’s claims on their packaging!

  28. I just tried the system this past weekend and I have a very sensitive scalp. My hair is on the more thin/coarse very curly side and I had no negative side effects at all! I am very pleased! Again though, my hair is not color treated at all and I do a coconut oil treatment on it once every two weeks, so it’s relatively healthy. But yea, I still have my hair and I have had a nice experience with it. Just thought I’d throw in my experience in with everyone elses!

  29. I will be glad to pursue legal actions. I can not even believe this product is on the market. It has ruined my hair. Please let me know what I need to do to join the suit.

  30. I just went through a lot of reviews here and there to see what the real people had to say about this so highly praised product through the advertisements. I have very frizzy and curly hair which I also color and use a flat iron on. At one point in my life I had not the means to buy super expensive shampoos or treatments to get the frizz under control. Therefore I had to buy cheap shampoo and conditioner to get me by and had to substitute other things as well. But I remember clearly that I bought Suave Shampoo and Conditioner. That was the biggest mistake in a purchase I’ve ever made. After the first wash my hair already felt different. It felt as dry like paper shreds and stiff as well. It took me over three month to get THAT after math (frizz)under control. I will not even near Suave products. I learned never to cut on your personal care products when you are in a pinch.

  31. I had the same experience. My hair is a different color now, this should prove it’s not a keratin treatment since keratin can’t change your hair color. It burned my scalp, a lot of my hair fell out and what’s left it irreparably damaged. I had to cut 3″ off and wear it up everyday. I made a formal complaint to the FDA and you should too!

  32. I think its also in the consumers responsibility to make sure to do a patch test and a strand test with every product. What one product in a box offers unbelievable results it sounds to go to be true. As a professional hairstylist I tell my clients all the time that the OTC stuff has to deliver results on countless people, so its not a customized experience, which can identify if its too harsh for some and to weak for others. I am sorry to hear people had such an experience, but take responsibility and remember salon/stylist charge high dollars for their knowledge that cant be given in a $13.99 OTC product!!!

  33. I used this product this evening and it completely FRIED my beautiful blonde hair. I only left it in for 2 minutes and my hair already started coming out broken off and now the color is white.
    This product should be taking off the shelves. I have had many keratin treatments in the past – but never any broken hair.
    I hope my hair can grow back fast, this is embarrasing.
    33 Florida

  34. I wish I would have read these reviews before. I had long dark thick wavy hair. I’m not losing clumps of hair but my ends are completely fried. I’m scared of of losing my hair when I put it in a bun which I’m required to do daily for work. I was hoping on my hair being nourished not fried, I could have had the same effect with putting veet on my hair. I was always very happy with suave products but will never buy anything from them again!

  35. I have had the same problem, I did not listen to my gut instinct. I seen the product on the shelves and knew from the package it was not right for me. I even read the horible reviews on amazon. But I felt good about suaves hair care over the years. I had been using the shampoo for professionals and was pleased with the results. I thought to myself maybe this would help my hair, what could possibly go wrong. Well it all went wrong first of all I did not even let it stay in ten minutes and it burned a little and smelled awful. I was combing it straight like it said and could see color coming off the brush. That is when I washed it out and proceeded to step two and well it made my hair gummy and broke some of the ends off. Right away I went in the shower and rinsed and washed my hair placed conditioner on it proceeded to do that three times. The damage is there and it looks horrible. I have to put so much mosture in it to look decent. I have wanted to cry for several days each time I have to look at it or style it, it was relatively healthy prior to doing this. I am so upset and disappointed. I dont know what to do, my stylist won’t see me until next week. I want to CRY!!!

  36. I too was thinking of trying this product, I’ve always used Suave’s shampoos and conditioners and loved them, I have long, wavy/curly very thick hair, it’s not dry but it is frizzy and has been color treated. I’m soooo glad after reading all of the reviews on this site and on others that I didn’t use this on my hair! I’m so sorry for any of you that have used it and it damaged your hair. That would devastate me as my hair is one of my favorite features. I’ll just stick to leave in conditioners. And Suave definately needs to pull this product from the shelf … this is absurd! You should all definately take some sort of legal action.

  37. I just bought this from Target, opened it and read the instructions, and thought to check online for reviews. THANK GOD I did! Thank you for for your posts – I’m adopted sorry for those of you with ruined hair. I’m closing the the box back up and returning it. I feel like I dodged a bullet.

  38. Hi, My friend just did the treatment on her hair, and the same thing happend, I was wondering if you shampood your hair right away, because she is worried it will get worse. She did it today and she rinsed it off, but hasn’t washed it with shampoo, I dont know what to recomend her, hes crying. Thanks for ur help

  39. IT has been about 3 weeks since my horrible incident with this product. I cry nearly every day when I have to deal with my hair before going to work or out in public. I dont feel attractive – or anywhere close to myself. I have changed how I dress – to accomodate a pony tail and ball cap. Not even feeling the least bit attractive for my husband although he is amazing and says he would love me even if I were bald. (he is bald by the way). The fact is… I dont love myself right now – this product not only hurt my hair – it hurt my heart and my self esteem. Please do not use this product and yes – they should certainly pay for those they have hurt.

  40. WOW. I just bought this product yesterday and I just got out of the shower a few minutes ago and thought I would check for reviews before putting it in my hair. I am so glad that I did!! I just had a major haircut 4 weeks ago and donated four 16-18″ in ponytails to locks of love. I have extremely thick and curly hair. Yesterday my stylist recommended a keratin treatment but there is no way I can afford $200 so I stopped at Walgreens and saw the Suave junk. Thank you everyone for posting on here and saving me from disaster.I am so sorry for what has happened to all of you. I would be suing. As for me I am going to get my $12.99 back.

  41. Good for you Cathy! I did the professional Keratin as well along with my cousin, and although it was expensive, it left my hair beautiful.

    Renee, darling, I am sure you are still superbly gorgeous. Hang in there doll!

  42. Thank you LR – I so appreciate your kindness. I am trying to find ways to do my hair that hides the damage… it is stressful and I end up not looking like myself. I know it will grow in time… but it will take a long time to get my long hair back. Thank you very much!

  43. As most, I am only finding these truths AFTER I ruined my hair with this junk. I do feel at fault, as I tried it despite the warnings all over the box. I use a level 2 wash out color every two months the one shade lighter than my natural color and didn’t think that I would be apart of the “bleached, highlighted, 2 lift” ban. Well, I was wrong, and now half of my hair burned off, and what’s left if a dry mush of ramen noodles 🙁

    Has anyone tried anything to tame the aftermath of this horrible product??? I’ve been deep conditioning and using hot oil treatments since it happened, but I’m afraid that cuticle seal cream is keeping anything from actually penetration. I want to at least get my hair in some better form before I get it cut to accommodate what’s broken off.

  44. My cousin did a professional Keratin treatment and it did improve the condition of her hair. She is using sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners, and coconut oil. It seems to be working, her hair is starting to look healthy again. Hope this helps.

  45. my name is Raphael i have been a hairstylist for 30 years and i have developed the kerastrait spray on keratin treatment there are a lot of companies getting on the keratin band wagon and are not interested in the results of the hair i am ready to send FREE samples to anyone that wants the solution to bad hair !! feel free to e mail me for your free samples

  46. Hey I also purchased the Suave Keratin Treatment since my hair was frizzy already and thought it would actually help my hair and make it healthy again. I did the process and it smelt terrible I noticed my hair was turning all tiny curls. So I combed and to my shock my hair was breaking. I quickly rinsed it out but it was so spongy and breaking. I thought maybe step 2 would help boy was I wrong. I rinsed everything out before the alloted time and was almost in tears my hair was breaking so bad and falling out. My once thick long hair was breaking past my shoulders. I conditioned my hair and left the conditioner in there over night. It has now been 2 wks and I’ve done every deep conditioner and leave in conditioner and I can’t even brush my hair without more hair falling out. I let it air dry with so much leave in conditioner in it it’s not even funny. I’ve gotten my hair trimmed for the beyond dead ends that I knew couldn’t be repaired but I don’t really want to cut off all my hair. Is there any other advice you guys have? Or how long til I can get my hair back up to par?

  47. I used this product a few hours ago and my hair is rouined.It broke off and fell out! My ends began to curl up and friz and I coulnt brush it. I went to Kj’s salon and they did a conditioning treatement and then had to cut most of it off. 🙁 Its all brittle and corse. I still cant comb through it and what is left is still breaking off. I just want to cry. :/ Someone help me! I dont know what to do!

  48. do not buy it! Its got to be the worst thing out there! If suave cared about its customers, they would have taken it off the market by now.

  49. Ok so after DESTROYING MY HAIR with Suave Keratin treatment… I had to go to the salon like I said and get most my hair (what was left) cut…. I bought a couple things while I was there… A Hydrating Sampoo called pureology serious color care… Pureology Antifade comples spray…and apague beyond shine spray… I let the shampoo sit on my hair… for at least 30 min. I kept running my hands through my hair… then i rinsed it out.. and did it again.. after I got out i put in the antifade complex which had keratin in it… real keratin, not suaves version… keratin shoudl reapir your hairs so called pot holes… which it does.. and then i used the aquage which has oil in it and it protects incase u wan to blowdry or flat iron…. the aquage was the best, the oil helped make my hair not feel so dry and course and made it look normal, even though its far from feeling normal.! Just a suggestion.

  50. Thank you sooo much for posting this! I was planning on using this product, now I will stick with good ole Bio silk and a hair dryer/curling iron!

    Everyone should get together and make Suave pay to fix their hair… I certainly would. Well, imho.


  51. im glad u did your research gina! spread the word bc i know i am! im posting everywhere i can including facebook so people can learn from my mistake. my salon said not to sure suave anyway but their so called keratin treatement is more like a perm… the said we are chemically burning our hair.

  52. so glad i saw this, just purchased it today, about to go do this treatment but decided to read some reviews first, sorry to all!!! gotta go back to the store to return this box!!!!

  53. does anybody recommend a GOOD product to keep the frizz away and get that smooth healthy look?????

  54. Hey Taty, I do post my favorite products every now and then. Keep visiting, I will be reviewing some that leave my hair frizz free in the next few weeks. In the interim, see my review on coconut oil.

  55. Did any of you test your hair as recommended on the box? I tested my hair first and it worked just fine. I did my whole head and i absolutely LOVE the results. I have in my past had a perm, highlights, dyed hair, everything. I havent dyed my hair in about three months but I still had extreamly amazing results. My hair is smooth, sleek and does not get frizzy half way through the day after straightening like I use to get. It DOES work for some people. You must test on a small strand of hair as directed to make sure it does not ruin your whole head of hair. I understand that it will work differently on different people but thats why you must test first. Its better to ruin one small strand of hair rather than your whole head!!! You gotta be smart when you are putting chemicals on your whole head! I do agree though that it smells really bad but that is expected when you are chemically treating your hair!

  56. I know most all women invest so much money in their hair. I hate a product such as this has caused so much pain, Thank you all so much for your reviews, I actually had this product in my buggy to use on myself as well as my daughter…something just told me to put it back. I’m so glad that I did. I would definitely persue legal action…

  57. Thank god I found this review. I was about to go to the local CVS and buy this. I have had the real keratin treatment and loved it but it is very expensive to keep doing. I have long hair that I have had my whole life and I would be devasted if something like what I have been reading happened to it. My heart goes out to all of you that have had these awful results.

  58. I too had this problem. I even asked a stylist friend and she said that since I have really great hair it should be awesome. LIE.

    I too lost massive amounts of hair, I have a few thin patches; I refuse to say bald spots, but had to have my hair cut off. I now have the worst hair cut.

    The worst part, I grow my hair to donate to lock-of-love. Now it will be years before I can donate again. This is not Keratin at ALL. IT is basically a straightening PERM. They need to clarify that and stop using the word Keratin. The only thing I found WITH Keratin IN the product was the leave in conditioner. What a crock. I am SO sorry to your friend and glad to see others taking a stand.

  59. I used the product and I worked great. People have been complemeting my hair. I have had professional keratin treatments in the past and is comperable.

  60. Oh my goodness!! I cannot believe that they could publish such a product! I am soo sorry for your cousin and all you others who have used this product with disaster in conclusion! Thank you so much for putting this out there because I was just about to use it. I could not imagine myself with out my long curly hair! Thank you so much for the warning! Sorry 🙁

  61. My friend had the same awful experience. Go to Amazon and read some of the reviews. There are over 100 people on there with hair falling out and severe damage.

  62. Hello. I cannot believe all the horror stories that I’ve read online in the past few weeks. I started with Amazon and was shocked. I recently found this FB page and I wanted to encourage everyone to either “like” and “share,” and especially to reiterate your horror stories about this product. Collectively, we can possibly force Unilever?Suave to take action and compensate all of those who have been affected by this horrible and unsafe product! My sympathies to you all! Best wishes! — (here is the Amazon thread too –

  63. I too fell victim to this horrible product. I HAD beautiful Italian hair, I saw the ad on Tv , their ad is false and misleading, you are lead to believe it’s a keratin smoothing conditioning treatment….I am horrified by the way my hair looks. I’ve had to cut inches off and the remaining looks kinky, dry and damaged, I am so dissatisfied with this Suave product and also let them and others know not to take a chance by using it. AGHHHHHHH just what I needed, more grief, when I was just trying to look nice with smoothing and conditioning my flyaways!!!!

  64. I got this product because my hair has been frizzy lately so I wanted to try something to get rid of it. My hair isn’t color treated and I met all the requirements on the side of the box, I followed the directions to a T. The roots of my hair are smooth but once I had a chance to actually look at it my ends were completely fried. The longer it has been since I did the treatment the worse my hair has become. I hate that this has completely ruined the bottom two inches of my hair. I am not suggesting it to any of my friends… DON’T USE!!!!

  65. Just so everyone knows. I contacted Suave and they are reimbursing me for the cost of my product and sending me products that will add moisture back to my hair. They also said they may be able to reimburse me for the salon that I went to in order to have my hair cut. And they don’t need my receipt, proof of purchase or anything. Just an FYI

  66. Hey Kids, hairstylist and educator for a keratin treatment here.

    This is not a keratin treatment! It is a thyoglocalyte relaxer. In other words it’s a perm. You cannot use this if you have any type of permanent haircolor on your head, especially if you are lightening (bleach, hi-lights, hi-lift tones etc.).

    This I some of the most deceptive marketing I’ve ever seen. They basically added a minuscule amount of keratin (plant based no doubt, the worst because it doesn’t bond well with human hair) to a perm locution and then sell it to the public. They make a fancy commercial and everyone goes ape thinking they can get a 300$+ service for 12 bucks. Yea, ok.

    Look guys, if it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!!!!!

    Please save yourself a lot of misery and expense trying to fix the inevitable damage this product WILL cause and either go to a certified professional or buy a good flat iron. Stay away from this product, it’s complete bull. I get so angry at these companies because they are basically banking on their consumers being uneducated about these services and what they are/how they work. It’s deplorable and dishonest and I can only hope the inevitable lawsuits cause them to pull it from the market.

  67. Yea, they need to reimburse you for the cost of a professional product and not more of their crappy products.

    You need a protein treatment as well as a moisture treatment. You need to use the protein once a week and the moisture everyday. You don’t want to overuse the protein because it will harden the hair to much, once or twice a week at the most. Coppola makes Keratin Complex and they have a protein treatment called RX, that is an amazing protein treatment designed to minimize the effects of over doing the protein. They make a conditioner called Vanilla Bean which would take care of the moisture. These are professional products and should only be purchased from a licensed salon (don’t trust anything from the local market, it could be old or counterfeit). I would find a salon near you that carries Keratin Complex and purchase them there.

  68. I used Suave Keratin a few days ago and it burned my hair so bad that now parts of my hair are 2 inches long and it looks like I have a tumble weed on my head. I’ve had Keratin done several times and never have I experienced something so horrifying. I am certain I followed directions, so what went wrong I don’t know. At this point I don’t care I just need to figure out how to work with the end results, short of cutting my hair off. My hair looks about 100 x’s worse than I am explaining!

  69. oh my god i just finish one sid and i try to go other side my hair burn it gose curly as soon as i combe my hair start to coming out and now i have a wedding on saturday i dont know what i have to do i thik i am going to sue them because off selling a product with 100 percet positive way

  70. I too used this product last night and fried my hair all the way to my scalp. It is down to my wasist and I’m sure I will have to cut it all off. I have kept it soaked in conditioner and wrapped in plastic and a towel, but it’s not really helping. I think a class action lawsuit is in order.

  71. I just used this product this morning and it turned out great! Hair is real smooth and soft. I usually use jon freida products to straighten my hair and it will usually leave it feeling heavy. Don’t get me wrong frieda products are great I just love how suave left my hair. Soft and smooth and straight!

  72. I also had the worst experience with this product. I am so upset right now that I don’t know what to do. I will take action as soon as I see a lawyer. This has to be a CASE.

  73. There are now a couple of petitions and several people who are working with attorneys to bring a class action suit against Suave/Unilever in an effort to get this garbage off the market and receive damages. If you go to this FB page there is more information….

  74. My hair broke and fell out after using this product! I washed it immediately 6 times after realizing it was falling out and ended up going to hair dresser, where I spent $168 to have it cut, conditioned and shined. Only to have it be a frizzy mess 2 days later! I had 6 inches cut and not my hair that was once all one length is in several layers of frizz. I work in sales and look like a hot mess! I am not happy and this product is junk and doesn’t do what it says!

  75. i used this product about 2 weeks ago and it turned out to be awful, it completely fried and broke my hair. the ends are a mess and my hair is in layers and my hear looks like a horses tail, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! it will ruin your hair entirely…and the worst part is im getting married in 3 months and theres no way my hair will be back to normal by then.

  76. I used this product back in Feb with in 10 minutes of having step 1 in my hair it came out in CLUMPS and my scalp burned I rinsed off and to my horror 40% of my hair was left in a 2 in mess. I looked like I was a person who was doing chemo treatments. I had to go to the DR the next day with burns to my scalp. Long story short I had to cut my hair very very short and use treatments for the burn. Suave’s response when I called we have high reviews and you are the only person this has happened to. My response back View Amazon.

  77. I had the same experience too my friend recommended suave keratin treatment so i bought it for 11 dollars at walmart as soo. As i came home i did the step one it smelled horrible! I saw that my hair was literally like ramen nooddles i freaked out and washed it out i had really healthy long hair! And i had to cut it off and now its on to my shoulders i contacted suave and they refund me and they maybe refund with all the o
    Money that i spend on recovering my hair which iss more than 500!! I wanna go to a lawyer and get informed on what can i do about it

  78. I was in NJ for vacations, i live in the Dominican Republic, and i saw the commercial and bought the product… I can’t explain how bad it was to my hair… It’s destroyed and i had to cut it all!! Unfortunately i can’t do anything from my country, but i hope u guys can!!

  79. OMG !!! i almost bought this at cvs but when i tried to check out the cashier said it was recalled and i couldnt buy it wow !

  80. This was a nightmare. It melted my hair and made it gummy while turning it to a burnt orange color. Two months later I still have hair falling out and it takes over an hour to blow dry because it is so gummey!

  81. I am sitting at the salon in tears having an emergency appointment to see if I can even remotely repair the probably irreparable damage this product did to my hair. Shame on UNILEVER for the FALSE advertising of this product!!!! It is a PERM! Not keratin. My hair will take AT LEAST a year tO even start to get back to normal!!!!!

  82. Sorry to hear, Jill! Hang in there! The kit has finally been recalled if it serves of any consolation.

  83. OMG, I have used Suave Products before and never had a problem. I saw the ads on TV of this new product was so excited, could not wait to buy this product and try it out. I went this past Saturday an noticed Kroger was out of this product. Did not know it had been pulled.

  84. I used this shit product last week, JUST for 5 minutes and my hair was falling during the process like I put some acid on it… I washed it very quickly but the damaged was done.
    NOBODY USED IT please!!… I am looking for sue Suave! They did a false advertsiment to sale this easy way to make your hair smoOth but what you get is a very bad dry, thin and goof damaged hair IN MINUTES!

  85. SAME!!!!!….soooooo sad!!!! I had beautiful curls and could let my hair air dry but had a little frizz…used keratin treatments before which kept my curl but smothed the hair so my curls were even more amazing…NOW…after using the “keratin perm” my hair is DEAD…straight but not a nice straight…it is fried and WAY frizzy now and I had to get it all cut off…need more cut off but don’t want to look like a boy!!!!! It’s hideous and I am soooo mad/sad…I would like to sue too…cost me $180 at the salon to get it all chopped off and “fixed” and I still hate it!!!!!!!!! This product RUINED my hair….what a LIE…glad they pulled the product but that doesn’t help all the women that already F’d themselves using it!!!!

  86. Sorry to hear Laurie! At the least the product was pulled. Just saw 2 websites still selling the kit, and I emailed them notifying them that since the item has been recalled it is their obligation to stop selling it.

  87. Hi Rose! Wish you would have read this post before using it! Hang in there. I know it must be tough.

  88. OMG! So glad I chose to look this up and view these reviews. I did buy the product but was hesistate to use it after reading the warnings. Thank god I read this first. I will spend the money to use the real Keratin treatment at the salon and yes it is over $200.00 Thank you for sharing your stories and I hope that for those of you who used it your hair and scalp heal soon.

  89. Tara, new hair does grow in, especially in 10 years. But I do agree she did not fully follow the instructions since that was the criteria. And you are right, you haven’t used it so you wouldn’t know, and you’ll never know since it was pulled off the market. You see, Suave failed to tell consumers that this product also contains Tetrasodium EDTA and DMDM Hydantoin.

  90. This product is not good. It made my hair nappy and I am so in disbelief. I have order shampoo so my hair can grow fast and that way I can trim my hair. This suave keratin is not what you expect. So unhappy. Please dont buy it and if you do you are doing at your own risk.

  91. Ok guys, there is a bit of misinformation here, first of all Tetrasodium EDTA and DMDM Hydantoin ARE NOT formaldehyde. Just a chemistry lesson for everyone- the active ingredient is the same thing used in Nair and other hair removers so it makes perfect sense people’s hair would be falling out. I looked at the product in my local drugstore and after I read the active ingredient, I knew a lot of people would end up with hair loss. This is awful and anyone such as the scientists at Unilever should have KNOWN, this would be the end result.

  92. Thx Anya, I’ll make the correction. This is what the attorneys on this case stated, “Unilever may have failed to inform consumers that the Product contains a chemical known as ‘Tetrasodium EDTA,’ which is mainly synthesized from formaldehyde. Unilever also may have failed to inform consumers that the Product contains a chemical preservative known as ‘DMDM Hydantoin,’ which is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser with the trade name Glydant.”

  93. I recently bought this product and used it. i have thick mixed ethnic hair and this product did wonders for my hair it lasted 3 months and a half with the continue use of the shampoo and conditioner set. My hair was manageable and straight. i loved loved it so it might not work for a few people im guessing.

  94. Ayanna, I’m so happy for you! Consider yourself lucky. I wish our readers had had your same experience. But instead, this product has ruined many women’s lives.

  95. We had a customer in our salon today that has hair about 1/2 inch all over her head! I have never seen anything in my years of being a stylist do this! It is really Scarey that they put this out there! Keratin does not smell! So if it stinks that bad!! Don’t do it? I am scrared for her that she is goin to be wearing a wig! We are trained in Keritan complex and used there clairfying and conditioner and it is lookin and feeling better! Good luck public world!

  96. I used this product 3 weeks ago and it caused me to have bald spots all over my head and I have lost over 1 foot of my hair lenght. My scalp has medical burns on it. I am in the process of sue SUAVE for the damages, medical and mental.

  97. 4/30/12

    I use almost no chemicals in my house. I go sulfate free, etc. My vanity got the best of me and I was tired of having frizzy curly hair. This product promised smoother hair with more defined. When it was advertised as “Keratin” I assumed it was safe. If I would have known it was just a formaldehyde product, I would never have purchased.

    When I read the packaging I was okay to go as none of the “do not use” applied to me. I was a little hesitant after reading the instructions. I thought “really, this seems like a nuclear reactor drill”. But I soldiered on. I should have stopped after I opened it and smelled the product, that should have been a sign.

    Well, after the hour and a half long process I finally blow-dried my hair. It stripped all color out of my hair and I was left with dull, lifeless, damaged, fried hair. I WANT TO CRY!! I have been soooooo careful with my hair. I figured since it was sold on the shelf, it must’ve have lots of good results, testing, etc. Nope, this product is absolutely awful and needs to be pulled off the shelves and apparently I’m not the only one either!

    When I went to my stylist after the period of “no washing” she felt so bad for me but the only thing we could do was *** 3″ and she layered it up about 5″ in the back to get rid of the permanent damage.

    UPDATE 5/21/12

    My hair is now falling out in handfuls. I noticed today a ridiculous receding hairline (which I did not have before) and at 27 this is extremely alarming. I don’t know if the hair is falling out at the root or breaking off, but I know there is a lot of it.

  98. Suave should ran out of business !!!!! This product is soooo bad i can’t believe that they would put it out. Didn’t they do any testing? I use to have thick hair that i spent lots of time getting it to look smooth now… I spend lots of time with a flat iron trying to get it to look like human hair. Suave Infusion ruined my hair !!!!!!!! I knew I had make a mistake when I was combing through it and big clumps of hair came out . Shame on you suave

  99. LADIES—– I just tried this treatment last night!!! I wish I would have read these reviews FIRST…. FML…. I rinsed it out within minutes because the smell smelled like NAIR… Clumps of my long pretty hair were literally coming out in the comb. MY WEDDING IS COMING UP IN A FEW MONTHS!!! I was crying and crying and crying… My hair was dark & now looks somewhat orangey but worst of all my hair is FRIED… I called my fiancé crying my eyes out…. Might have to go get my hair cut SHORT. Now how am I going to have the amazing updo that I chose for my wedding?! THANKS FOR NOTHING SUAVE!!!

  100. Not to be overly rude, because I do know how awful it is to have damage done to your hair, but you posted yourself the warnings about this product and among them are “don’t use if you have EVER had a perm….not just if you had a perm 10 years ago.” I’m sorry for your cousin and anyone else who has had problems, but really you chose to ignore the warnings.

  101. I agree Amy, but how do you explain women with virgin hair where NONE of the warnings applied to them, and now they are bald with burns on their scalp after using this product?

    My problem with this kit is that it is advertised as a Keratin treatment, when clearly it is not. There’s a lawsuit against unilever for this product. Apparently it goes deeper than what it looks like on the surface, the Suave company lied to and deceived consumers.

    It is not a matter of being rude, it is a matter of getting informed.

  102. i used this product a week ago and it worked beautifully
    i strongly believe this product like many perms.are meant for people of ethnic hair. this product seems to work when you have.thick sorry for all who suffered hair loss the product is misleading. this keratin a perm. not the brazillian treatment.

  103. I have thick curly hair and I always straighten. My hair was very shiny and beautiful. But I fell for the ads and I was like this would probably make doing my hair easier. The smell was horrible, my hair is fried thinning and just gross 🙁 I just regret using this product. When does it wear off? I look like a witch. Does anyone know how to fix the damage with out chopping it all off?!?!?

  104. I am so glad I saw this!! My Daughters wedding is in 2 weeks and her Mother in law tried this,…she loved it, however, it did lighten her hair. But everywhere I looked for it, they didn’t have anymore. I thought maybe it was so good, they were selling out! God works in mysterious ways!! I will have to go get a professional keratin treatment!! Thank you for posting!!

  105. I hate this !! i am about to sue Suave! I took this to my hair, ( it is mid way to my back)and wavy, I look like a fried my hair 🙁 I just wanted the waves out.. DON’T buy or use.. I wish I paid more attention!!

  106. My daughter used Keratin that cost over $200 and I heard from my sister that the product is great. On the other hand the product is not great. It took my daughter hair out and now am spending lots of money trying to stop the breakage. Her hair is coming out in patches. Her hair is still coming out and I am so scrared. Please do not used product. Suave needs to take it off their product line.

  107. Do not use. I used over a month ago and my hair is still falling out even after I got it cut 2 inches. I’m about to sue. at least now I know I’m not the only one who this happened to. my hair looks and feels terrible. I’m so disappointed with the results.

  108. My hair never has been colored, I used suave keratine infusion once, since then my hair is falling out in excessive quantities, I contact suave throug the wed page but they never contact me back. I Don’t recommend this product for anybody.

  109. I used the Suave keratin treatment, I immediately
    saw that the product had burnt my hair. My hair looks like straw. Now it is a straight frizz. I followed the directions completely. I will never use this product and I will also tell everyone not to use it. Better to pay more and get a professional treatment. With all the product I have had to purchase to try to repair the damage, it would have been cheaper to go to a salon

  110. I THOUGHT this was a Keratin treatment, not a chemical relaxer. My hair is fried and falling out as well.

  111. My hair is moderately curly and I have blow drying the curl down to a science anyway. I was looking for something to relax the curl a lot more so that I could skip the blow dry. While it made my hair really, soft, it did NOTHING FOR IT. I got a really good cut 3 weeks prior to using it to avoid frying the ends.

    I was also looking for something that would help prevent frizz in humid/damp weather after spending the time to straighten it the way I normally do with a dryer and flat iron. Alas, the product doesn’t work! I’m going to have it professionally done. I almost want to go back and ask for my money back because my hair would have been the perfect to try on as it’s no too thick or curly.

  112. I used this two months ago; my hair had been highlighted but not recently and my hair was very healthy as I had just gotten a cut but still frizzy in texture. I thought this would smooth out the frizzies like it stated. My ends were fried. They like fray out like if you had all your fingers outstretched. I have waited 2 months hoping this crap would wear off and I think it has but I’ve tried treatments, conditioners, etc to repair the ends but to no avail. I am finally getting all the fried ends cut off tomorrow. Unfortunately I was hoping to let my hair grow but can’t because it’s fried. It’s a good thing they took this off the market. If there is a class action lawsuit I’d like to get it on it.

  113. I just used it last night after purchasing the product two months ago. After reading the negative reviews about hair falling out I was a little scared. But I did the strand test and it didn’t damage my hair so I took a leap of faith and used it last night.
    I have to say it actually made my hair softer and smoother. I don’t think it controls the frizz like a Brazilian Blowout but for something that cost only $15 it is pretty great.
    I heard this product is has been discontinued but I’m glad I got such great results.
    I think people should have done a strand test before trying the product.

  114. what is the name of the lawyer plz. i used that nasty produt and i had to cut my hair. I just wanted my frizz out no all of my hair 🙁

  115. You guys are all stupid! I dyed my hair in January and used the 30 day keratin smoothing kit in March and it left my hair in perfect condition. Now that I’m looking for it again some dumbas
    s sued because they most likely didn’t read all the warnings! No duh that if you permed your hair before this stuff isn’t going to work!!

  116. For those of you who are upset about the product being discontinued, I reassure you SUAVE has thousands of them in stock. Contact the company, you might get lucky and get a special offer from them. Enjoy. Request them all.

  117. I have used it twice since it came out both times it took out all the frizz and my hair has never looked better. I color my hair and have had it permed before and had no problems. It also lasted well beyond the 30 days for me. For someone whom has fought with her hair for years I was extremely pleased with the product.

  118. Oh My God. This story is my story. The exact thing happened to me. I had beautiful cork screw curls and my hair after 5 minutes fell out in clumps. I am 9 days froom my wedding and had to cut 8 inches off my hair. It is a frizzy dry clump. So depressing. Tears in a box is right!

  119. i have pretty long hair, its curly and fizzy at times but its not like i needed this product. but i did it because i wanted to have the out of the shower didnt do anything to my hair type of hair. and i got it. not only have i dyed my hair 723649872364 times in my life. this helped my hair alot and now its wavy curly. and you guys prob had nappy hair or unhealthy hair. but im always on top of my hair and making sure its in good shape. plus you had to blow dry it then after iron it. and i hope you guys had it wet to keep washing it off.

  120. U used thus product 2 weeks ago I have never colored or permed my hair. But my hair is falling out not completely but I am slowly losing it. Thus is very frustrating since I have never done anything like this to my hair before .

  121. My hair is ruined as well. Does anyone have an attorney or know how to start a class action lawsuit. They are blaming it on if your hair was colored or highlighted first.

  122. Wow my mom used this 3 months ago I helped her apply it and her hair came out beautiful she has kinky hair and its like mine all straight and smooth her hair has not fallen out or fryed I’m kinda surprised to see all the comments

  123. I used this product just last week with GREAT results. My hair straightens like a dream and stays straight without having to reapply heat. It does smell like a perm (i.e.relaxer) when applied, and I am thinking that it might be a mild perm. All in all, I can’t complain.

    Note: My hair is wavy/curly, to middle back length and recently dyed. I did notice a very mild stripping of hair color, but no damage. Hair has not been washed since treatment.

  124. My sister had warned me about all the negative comments she had seen on line. I am glad I didn’t look at them. I used the product and it worked beautifully. I color my hair frequently and have used chemical straightening twice before. I had a salon keratin treatment 4 months ago and it took all the color out of my hair, cost a fortune and took 3+ hours. For me this was much better.

  125. I am SO sorry that this happened to you guys, please next time before you try any new “smoothing” or “straightening” treatment consult with your stylist. Being a cosmetologist I saw that it contained a thio relaxer or keratin thioglocalate relaoxer. That is not something you want in your hair. I am so glad that suave is being sued because marketing a relaxer as a “smoothing

  126. I used this “treatment” twice. The first time it worked good. I told my friends about it also. They used it too. Second time I used it my hair fell out in my part. Now it is finally growing back in and its like 2 inches sticking straight up. Glad it is growing back. I decided then that I love my thick and curly hair. Never again will I purchase a product from Suave.

  127. The Suave Keratin kit DESTROYED my very long, very thick, very frizzy, but mostly healthy hair. Although my hair had some *old* highlights and lowlights, they were mostly mixed into the length of my hair and were more than 8 months old. I know my hair WAS in good condition (especially considering the length and my tendency toward dry hair) because I have always been naturally good at coloring and cutting my own hair, but sort of do the “basics” myself and then balance things out with visits to my salon for things that are a pain to do myself (highlights on really long hair, major cutting, etc.)

    I’ve questioned hundreds of pros about why my hair is SO frizzy and unresponsive to even the heaviest products (I am White and naturally have light auburn hair with a mix of curls and waves) don’t control my frizz at all.

    Every stylist is just as puzzled as I am and told me my hair appeared healthy and undamaged and was actually in amazingly good condition with few split ends considering I don’t get regular trims (maybe twice per year) and had hair that was past the middle of my back. I was super-careful and worked hard to grow it that long by NEVER blow-drying it, never having had a perm or straightening, NOT coloring regularly (maybe highlights and lowlights 2x per year) and by only heat-styling my hair 1x per week maximum (ie: curling irons). So my hair grew nicely and stayed nice EXCEPT for the endless frizz.

    Since no one could figure out why my hair was so frizzy and why I can’t even get products intended for Ladies of Color to smooth it down (yes, I get weird looks when seen shopping in the “black hair” sections of stores), I had a stylist suggest a Keratin treatment for my hair.

    I decided to give it a go and use a store-brand product (the Suave Keratin Kit) and am certainly good at understanding the proper use of at-home kits, followed the instructions exactly, and ended up with an entire head full of disgusting, broken, dry, split hair that was SO bad I lost it in tears and literally just took huge chunks of my long hair and started cutting until I got enough of the damaged hair off for my hair to be “tolerable” again.

    So, basically I went from super-long “beach” hair (waves, some frizz, and thickness) to needing to cut off so much of my hair that it is just below chin-length now. I even had to chop my bangs off to a really ugly, really short length because they were actually damaged SO badly that I couldn’t even make them lay flat.

    It’s a few months later now and since the product has “worn off”, my hair isn’t nearly as nasty now and the previously damaged areas are cut off. But now I have to start again in trying to find a cut I like for “shorter hair” and also am terrified to color my roots (that badly need it since I had old highlights) because the experience was THAT bad and totally ruined years of growing and caring for my hair.

    Do NOT use this product. Just don’t. And I would recommend NOT getting the professional Keratin treatments regardless of whether or not a pro recommends them (since that time I asked OTHER pros about the Keratin treatments and they said they’ve seen MANY women end up with really damaged hair even from the highest-priced treatments in salons).

    I still have no clue what advice to offer other women in the same boat as me other than to immediately cut off the damage and then some to prevent your hair from continuing to split higher and higher up on your head where it’s “too late” to save it even with a shorter hair length.

    Cut it off, don’t use any colors and heated products for at least 90 days after your horrible experience.

    To some degree, my hair is back to normal from using a battery of “black” products that are deeply moisturizing like the Olive Oil creams (sparingly), the Pure Aloe shine products (do NOT use shine sprays or products that contain alcohol regardless of your hairs current condition), and common stuff like Coconut Oil based creams (again, you should head for the Black section of your pharmacy and ignore all the “white” anti-frizz and anti-damage products because frankly….they’re overpriced and usually MUCH weaker than the lower-priced products you can find in the Black section).

    On a side note, I don’t mean to offend anyone using the terms “Black section” and “White section” but I’m trying to be clear to avoid any confusion and also because let’s face it….they ARE clearly divided hair care sections in 9 out of 10 stores and I’ve noted that most women who are NOT “women of color” have never even thought about using those products because *I guess* they assume it’s literally ONLY for black hair.

    The only women I’d advise to NOT shop in that section are women with very fine, very thin, or very flat hair (as they are usually heavier products), but overall they are the ONLY thing that will work on dry, frizzy, thick, curly, wavy, or even damaged hair.

    Throw your overpriced John Frieda AWAY and buy some $4.00 Pure Aloe products (clear bottles with hot pink lettering and a picture of an Aloe plant on the front available at regular stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Rite-Aid, etc) and definitely invest in the lines of Shea Butter & Coconut shine sprays, leave-in serums, and conditioning “cremes”.

    Please, please give these a try and you won’t feel silly buying them or recommending them anymore. And you’ll also have a lot more money in your wallet! 🙂

  128. Hello Wendy. Thanks for sharing your story. This kit has been a painful experience for many women.

    Concerning healthy products in the ethnic sections at retail stores, some of them contain alcohol and other ingredients not so healthy for your hair. So I don’t fully recommend them. Personally, I did an “organic keratin treatment” at a salon, and my hair turned out beautifully. In addition, I use sulfate free shampoos that are gentler to the strands and organic products such as Coconut Oil that I wrote a review on. Twice a month I also do an at home treatment with Organic Honey and Olive Oil, leave it on for 45 minutes and it leaves my hair silky smooth. I have wavy hair prone to frizz (it is very color treated). But I’ve noticed the natural inexpensive products I am using have served me better than all of the expensive products I used religiously in the past that gave positive, but temporary results.

  129. I used Suave infusion twice. The first time came out nicely. Though the second time my hair fell out in patches. Thank goodness my hair is so thick I didn’t have to get it cut off. My hairdresser said never try anything until it has been on the market for 2 years. From no on i am just gonna love what God gave me. Taking lots of biotin and pre natal vitamins to regrow my hair back. It’s working. Thanks Suave. A lot of people are upset with you.

  130. If there is a class action suit against Unileaver count me in. I used this product in May 2012 and 4 months later I am still suffering !!!! my hair is dry , fried and frizzy and falling out !!!

  131. I did not use the smoothing treatment but I did use the Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner, it damaged my hair, I hair breakage throughout my head and certain parts of my hair feels like it is fried from over processing bleaching. I have to do a conditioning treatment 3 times a week now to get my hair back to normal!!! I DO NOT recommend any of the Keratin products to anyone, it’s damaging to your hair!! All the Keratin products needs to be taken off the market!!!!

  132. i bought the kit but never used it because of all the bad reviews. i did however use the shampoo and conditioner for about three months. it was great at first. i wouldn’t say it was perfect, but less frizzy then before. then i started to notice more and more hair in my comb. then my husband said “wow your hair looks really frizzy”(it takes a lot to get him to notice anything..) and i realised that my hari is breaking! and not just a little bit! its breaking about three inches from my scalp and i have stoped using the product. it was making my hair not only break. but it was rough and always tangled! i now have about half of the hair on my head left and even though i stoped using it, it is still just falling out. i am now using garnier fall fight and it has helped get my hair soft again. now i’m just waiting for the breakage to stop! has anyone esle had these results using only the shampoo and conditioner?

  133. I tried this product on my gorgeous color treated hair and I had no idea it would make my hair totally starchy and tragic!! In only 2 minutes my bangs wouldn’t blow dry correctly and my hair was starchy!! I immediately burst into tears and ran into the bathroom to wash it out, thank god it was only the shampoo and conditioner, because I didn’t loose my hair. This product SUCKS!! And totally NOT fabulous.): I hope your cousin feels better and I hope her hair grows back healthily.(: stay positive! Xoxo

  134. My sister and I both used the shampoo and conditioner. We both have hair loss and breakage. My hair turned pink. This is a terrible product.

  135. Hello Alma. Really? You know, I saw some new Suave shampoos the other day and I was going to buy them, but then I thought, “I better NOT.” I am sure I will NEVER buy a Suave product again. Once a customer loses their trust in a product, I don’t think it can easily be regained.

  136. I too used this product and it fried my hair as well! I have very thick hair so cutting it off was not needed, but I did have to trim all my ends about 2 inches to make it look half way decent. The rest of my hair is NOT the same as it used to be and I am very upset about this whole experience. I did contact customer service and all they told me was that they will send me coupons! Really? Gee thanks! I have reported the incident in hopes that something can be done!

  137. Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC is a Dallas law firm which has filed a suit on behalf of consumer’s injured by Suave’s Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit seeking damages for personal injuries to consumers by this product. As detailed in the Complaint, the product caused the women severe and possibly permanent damage to their hair, including hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, severe breakage, discoloration and even burning of the scalp. The Complaint also states that this product claimed to be Keratin-based and formaldehyde free, suggesting to consumers it was free of dangerous chemicals. CDB understands that, in fact, the product’s primary active ingredient is a chemical that straightens and damages hair. What little Keratin the product contains has little to do with the product’s efficacy. The product also uses a formaldehyde releasing compound despite its claim to be formaldehyde free.
    If you have purchased any of the Products and/or are unsatisfied with the advertised results, we would like to visit with you as part of our investigation. Please contact to let us know by visiting our website at

  138. well i also used the keratin system by suave and it worked wonders in my hair . it was silky smooth and i wish i could buy it again , i did all the recommended steps too and my hair did not fall nor was it curly anymore and to straighten it all i needed to do is wrap my hair and the conditioner you put in it made my hair feel really great . i wish i could upload a picture to show the results . it was the only treatment that i used that actually worked in my hair . i bought a 40 dollar treatment as it didnt even keep my frizz away not did it straighten my hair . i would rather use the keratin treatment

  139. I Agree with Jillian, I bought this product for my daughter since she has really thick, coarse hair. It worked WONDERFUL! It was the only product I have ever used that made her hair manageable and I was able to brush through it way better then I ever was able to in the past. We LOVE it!

  140. I understand what you’re saying, but why go after Nicole Richie? By that I mean you should think for yourself and not run out and by the first thing some celebrity endorses. Endorse your own common sense and brain.

  141. The one thing that confuses me about the warning is, when it states if you’ve ever permed your hair. Sure. But if the last time I permed my hair over 10 years ago, make that 20 years ago, that shouldn’t affect my hair in a negative way. However, many times I looked at that product and my gut instinct as well as common sense told me there is no way a $14 product is the same thing as a salon process done at a minimum, MINIMUM of $200 or more. Sorry ladies, not to play devil’s advocate, but the product as defective as it is and as happy as I am that they pulled this nasty product, it does warn you that you must test it on a small batch of hair first. Both sides are at fault. None of you listened and there you go. Common sense. Plain and simple. Had you done so, you would have seen the damage this product caused. Please, everyone refrain from claiming you tested it first. That would be a lie. And Suave, shame on you for putting out a product that you deliberately know this would harm people’s health. Don’t you have a soul? No. You have a huge bank account. No more Suave products for me. Now that this story is out, I hope your company starts to tank. It will be well deserved for putting poison like this out on the market.

  142. Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC is a Dallas law firm which has filed a suit on behalf of consumer’s injured by Suave’s Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit seeking damages for personal injuries to consumers by this product. As detailed in the Complaint, the product caused the women severe and possibly permanent damage to their hair, including hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, severe breakage, discoloration and even burning of the scalp. The Complaint also states that this product claimed to be Keratin-based and formaldehyde free, suggesting to consumers it was free of dangerous chemicals. CDB understands that, in fact, the product’s primary active ingredient is a chemical that straightens and damages hair. What little Keratin the product contains has little to do with the product’s efficacy. The product also uses a formaldehyde releasing compound despite its claim to be formaldehyde free.
    If you have purchased any of the Products and/or are unsatisfied with the advertised results, we would like to visit with you as part of our investigation. Please contact to let us know by visiting our website at

  143. I am so sorry :'( I hope that cheap company goes out of business for what they’ve done to these women. This is horrible.

  144. I hate this company for what they’ve done. And they knew about it too. Sure they got sued for a little bit of money, but I still don’t think that’s enough punishment for what they did to these women. I hope you feel better soon and God bless you.

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