Tricks on How to Look Taller & Thinner

Vertical Stripes: this trick works for both women and men alike. Horizontal stripes will broaden your shape making you seem wider. Vertical stripes create a longer and leaner illusion. Although scientists since the 1800’s refute this, we beg to differ. Horizontal stripes create depth (which can slightly decrease your size), but vertical ones create length. It all comes down to the thickness of the stripe on the garment. Thicker stripes can overpower petite frames and pinstripes can widen larger frames. Be mindful of this when shopping for a stripe dress.

Monochromatics:¬†One color visually can instantly add height to any figure. When you use different colors it cuts off the vision whereas one color’s continuity will only optically lengthen.

Nude Heels: If you wear a sexy little dress, wear shoes akin to your skin color. The eyes will go to the legs whose color will never end from your knee bone to the tip of your toes.

Avoid Belts and T-straps: Avoid shoes with t-straps making the eyes stop at the ankles. Belts also cut you off at the midsection emphasizing trouble areas such as a bulgy waist and wide hips.

Opaque Colors: Dark colors will slim you down, this includes dark grays, black, and browns. Go for soft fluid fabrics. Do NOT try to conceal your weight with extremely baggy clothes (this will make you look larger), it need not be constricting, just slightly loose for comfort to minimize the silhouette.

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