What kind of fashion person are you?Many people are afraid of fashion. This is why you will hear them saying, “It’s not my thing” or “I’m really not that stylish.”But what many people don’t know is that indeed they are gifted and fashionable, they just don’t know it yet.These people fail to notice that they are remarkable in at least one specific area of fashion.That’s the part they should continue playing with and evolving in this world that’s suppose to be fun not scary.I know women who cannot dress themselves correctly even if their lives depended on it, yet they tend to be really good at one of the following:

  • Makeup: Women who paint their face flawlessly like no other creating art and beauty at its best.
  • Accessorizing: Women who really know how to match a set of earrings with a necklace and cuffs, or find the perfect scarf, or the greatest glasses/shades.
  • Shoes: Women that wear black all the time or basic clothes, yet have the ability to find the most outrageous, gorgeous, colorful shoes ever, completing their outfit effortlessly.
  • Lingerie: These women will wear casual clothes, yet have an animalistic instinct on knowing what’s foxy red hot for their partner.They look great in lingerie, and find the best pieces to bring out by night the inner goddess they hide very well during the day.
  • Hair: Again, women who wear simple clothes yet their hair is always in different styles. They always have a glossy, shiny, and manageable mane seeming as if they just stepped out of a Pantene commercial.
  • Athletic clothes: Women who are tomboyish and say they hate fashion.They are uber athletic with gorgeous toned bodies, they exercise religiously and they do so in the most vibrant, up-to-date workout gear. They are the subtle fashion conscious types who think they are unfashionable.
  • Handbags: These are the women who purchase the cutest bags in the latest styles. Their purses/bags/clutches/backpacks are so wonderful you focus on the bag instead of her clothes or even her. She is better known for being the type of “bag lady” many others would like to be.
  • Home Décor: Believe it or not, decorating your home with style it is a gift and something many people don’t have the creativity to do.
  • Todd-Style: Some moms are basic, the home, partner and/or children come first. Nonetheless, their toddlers are super chic always wearing the cutest attire, these kids dress for preschool success!
  • Cooking/Baking: When I go to a friend’s house and she (or he) is not only a great cook/hostess, but in addition they are the ones who take great pride on presentation from dinner plates to food decorating, that’s amazing! We do not only find it trendy and tasty, it is also artsy! All the hard work they put into it does not go unnoticed and it is rarely unappreciated.

If you have one or more of the above qualities, consider yourself on the road to becoming a fashionista! If you possess all of these qualities, then you are indeed a true FashAddiX. Remember, everyone’s good at something and fashion is not an exception.Having style isn’t only a necessity it is also a privilege.No matter what anyone says, there’s no statement like a Fashion Statement.

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