AOL Latino reports that E!’s Dr. 90210 a.k.a. Dr. Robert Rey (who is Brazilian) stated to Prime Hora (a Latino Newspaper) that “Big breasts such as Pamela Anderson’s ruin a woman’s appearance. Sizes D and DD are from the 90’s and now the trend is to look like Jennifer Aniston or Carmen Electra. A size B or C is enough… I love the Puerto Rican’s body.  ‘Boricuas’ have the most beautiful hips and booty. They are women with class, and have an elegant and chic walking style. That makes them look pretty… they look European with that style.”  The AOL writers were not convinced, and so they ponder, “We wonder if he has said that in other countries where he’s promoting the shapewear line.”

Apparently, the AOL writers haven’t been to Puerto Rico, where most of the women in the island don’t need the shapewear line!


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  1. Wow, Roselyn Sanchez looks hot there, never seen that pic before. Have you seen her in that movie “Yellow”.
    If not you should check it out.

  2. I love puertorican women,But i invite you to visit Colombia to Antioquia or Great Caldas zone where 8 of 10 women are beautiful, well educated, good maners and with high class in Bogota.

  3. The most beautiful women are Puerto Rican, Venezuelan and Colombian women. Last year our buddies went to San Juan the women there are really beautiful and sweet.

  4. The dude commenting on the 3rd comment had it right for sure. Definately the hottest sex and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably passionate!!! This amazing woman has part Austrian in her as well and the combo is out of this world!!! They way she looks at me we could barely contain ourselves at the restaurant and kept making out forgetting anybody was even around 🙂 So can’t wait to see her again… she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and is so much fun and that smile of hers would make any guy melt!!!

  5. I’m part Puerto Rican, Irish and Italian, and I thank God for that mixture b/c of it I look the way I do. 😀

  6. Colombian women are gold digging hore drug lords, they drop their pantys when you are an American and they all dream of dating a white man some of them have no ass either.

  7. Unfortuantely, Roselyn Sanchez is an obnoxious person. A b*tch of sorts with a humongous head. Not only physically, but she sucks up to her own hype too. Corny. Someone please show us the better looking Puerto Rican mamis. I am not into fake tits and all that.

  8. first of all she doesn’t have any “fake” body parts at all and unless you know her personally which i really doubt how can you judge her? stop hatin you’ll live a more pleasent life. She is absolutely gorgeous.
    Regarding the Doc’s comments on PR women I agree Boricua women are absolutely stunning (btw-I’m Puerto Rican) however, Latina’s in general rock! Yes there are plenty of beautiful women in the world in general however, Latina’s especially Puerto Rican, Venezuelen are some of the hottest!

  9. I’m half Puertorican and half mexican. I’m soooo glad my mom is puerto rican or else i wouldnt look the way I do! We need more Puertoricans in California!!! I feel out numbered!!

  10. Yes we are! I all women beautiful because of the diversity of our looks.I’m mixed Cherokee,Puerto rican, and Spaniard. 🙂

  11. Feel free to visit Cape Town in South Africa. Mixed race are called coloured in South Africa. Coloured women in South Africa are of the most beautiful women on earth. No doubt! I am a mixture of Scottish, English and an indigenous African group called Khoi-San. Coloured women are absolutely gorgeous. However whether guys would get lucky so quickly I don’t know. Coloured women are relatively conservative.

  12. Go some where youve never even been to colombian don’t hate because you cant get one . You uneducated Prick

  13. I Am part PR. Lol . And I’m a girl and because of my Puerto Rican heritage I have hips and stuff and I’m also part black (awesome mix) and they be checking me out an for a twelve year old I am curvy lol. This is oh so Truee, cause all the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans have curves and they a pretty (n/h)and the boys are fine ^_^ lol well I’m just going to say now I appreciate my Hispanic side cause the boys at my school love exotic people and I’m not that exotic but Puerto Rican will do lol

  14. I too was born and raised in California and 100% Puerto Rican. Everyone assumes I’m Mexican , which I have no problem with, my best friend is Mexican, but I am definitely proud oh my heritage and on rare occasions someone guesses right.

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