From La Isla Bonita we present to you, Nicole Chacón Chaluisán, 24, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico— a small island filled with huge talent. The former MTV VJ and now a model/host for one of the hottest shows in PR, Jangueo TV, is passionate about music, dancing and acting. The talented and charismatic Latina never knew exactly what the future had in store for her, but she is happy with the results. A music fan since an early age, she always had an aptitude for the entertainment field. She has appeared in television commercials and even served as a fashion commentator for local channels during her college years. When we approached her, Chaluisán agreed to share with us her success, her likes, favorite guests and even fashion preferences. And so we put our attention on her and ONLY her:

You graduated from the University of Sacred Heart in San Juan Puerto Rico, majoring in advertisement, how did you make the transition to On-Air Host?

On my last semester, I took my final class called: Advertisement Campaigns, where I had to make a complete AD Campaign for a real client. That year the client was MTV Puerto Rico. My agency won the campaign and I was offered a position as a programmer for the station. The day of my job interview the manager for the station apparently saw potential in me and offered me a casting for VJ in MTV PR. I did and got selected. Being part of MTV PR was a great experience serving as a host and journalist. I did fashion, news, and technology segments assigned. I got the opportunity to travel, host events, meet people and conduct interviews with numerous artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, RBD, and Juan Luis Guerra amongst many others. MTV PR was a bridge to other opportunities in the communications area and I’m still looking forward to further expanding my career.

What was the MTV PR VJ’s experience like and doing the Jangueo Show, which one you enjoyed the most?

I had lots of fun and challenging experiences in MTV PR and I am having them too now in “Jangueo.” We do not only present music videos, we also cover fashion, beauty, technology and latest news. I love my job and I wouldn’t compare one to the other because I have had great experiences in both and enjoyed them every step of the way.

As a child growing up what did you initially want to be and why? With a specialty in the Arts, was hosting something you always wanted to accomplish?

As a child growing up, I always said I was going to be a dancer, which was and continues to be my passion. Participating in talent shows was a must in each school semester. I have always loved the stage, the lights, the cameras, not because of the people who can see you, but for the sensation that it makes me feel. I have always said that I would keep doing this even if no one recognized my face or my job, simply because I like doing it and it makes me feel good. Besides, I don’t really like being one of those reporters who talks trash. I like having fresh, fun and substantial information in my interviews without insulting or asking personal questions. I like positive vibrations and that is what I try to generate in my interviews and coverage. When I began as a Host in MTV PR, the first thing that my mom said to me was, “I always knew you where going end up doing something in TV,” which made me really happy and comfortable with what I do.

Were you nervous your first day on the job? What guest on the show wrecked your nerves in a good way?

Oddly enough, I was never nervous during the first days, but I’ve been getting a bit nervous after more than a year doing this. Some say it’s because I’m more conscious of the impact of the program on the audience, but I don’t let that affect my performance. We all have our own little tricks to cover that up, lol. I do recall my first interview, a Spanish ballad/pop group called,”La Quinta Estación,” I remember finding that a challenge because my family is from Spain and because I like the band, but I proved myself and now I am the one in charge of most of the interviews in Jangueo. I do remember getting a little nervous with Juan Luis Guerra’s interview since I am a big fan of his music and it was also one of my first interviews in front of many people from the media in Puerto Rico, so it was a bit nerve wrecking.

From all the celebrities you’ve interviewed, which was the most memorable?

Most memorable interviews: RBD, Juan Luis Guerra, Jlo and Marc Anthony at the Red Carpet of “El Cantante” Movie Premiere in Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee in New York’s Madison Square Garden Concert, Paris Hilton at the launch of her fragrance “Heiress,” Ednita Nazario, Alessandre Pires, Jeremias, and Antonio Orozco.

It is apparent you have a flair for fashion, who is your favorite designer?

One of my biggest passions and every day concern is fashion. It may sound strange or ridiculous, but I love clothes, shoes, bags and definitely accessories. I would have to say that a like a lot of lines, but some I can remember right now are: Italian Miss Sixty, Miami Angela Zapata, Alice and Trixie NY, Spanish Uno de Cincuenta, Spanish Yokana from Rosario Flores, Spanish Custo Barcelona and Desigual, Guess and Marciano…. I love the art of combining styles like Vintage with Modern or Classic with Gothic, maybe 80’s style with today’s taste in rock, it is just a matter of creativity, but always with taste and class.

Who’s your Personal/Professional inspiration?

My personal/professional inspiration will have to be my family and loved ones. They are the people that always stick beside you, tell you the truth and want nothing but the best for you. They help you look at things from other perspectives and that is very important.

You would love to meet/interview…

Rock/ electro / pop mega star and founder of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati and reggae roots singer and songwriter, Kique Neira who used to play with reggae group Gondwanna from Chile. Also rap and Hip-Hop spanish artist La Mala Rodríguez, Puerto Rican star Robi Draco Rosa and from la nueva trova Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

One beauty Product you cannot live without is:


You would never go out of the house not wearing/wearing:

Jeans and tennis shoes, but always wearing accessories.

You would kill for what fashion must-have:

Real diamonds, big hoop earrings or a classic vintage Cartier watch.

Quote you live by is:

“There are some people that fight for a day and they are good. There are others that fight for a year and are even better. But there are some that fight a lifetime, those are the indispensable ones.”


“Love is the only thing that activates the intelligence, creativity, something that purifies and frees us.”

Your Fashion Weapon is:

Great accessories, shoes and of course, mascara is always a must even if I’m going out for just a moment and in shades.

Your ultimate goal is:

Having my own television show, hosting larger events, i.e., Awards Ceremonies in the Entertainment network at a local and/or international level.

You made an interesting remark: “Some say ‘Beauty is a curse in the world’ others say, ‘it is just a commodity’, but I say it is definitely a lifestyle“. What brought you to that assessment?

Beauty might be looked at as a curse because people get obsessed with specific types of beauty standards. Fashion and beauty can sometimes be misunderstood. It’s not about “going with the flow”, or imposing a style that doesn’t go with your personality, but adding flair of what’s in fashion and creating your own personal style. Beauty is a curse when you become obsessed with it. The best thing about beauty and fashion is having fun and feeling good. It’s a curse that can or cannot be undone; it’s just a matter of making the decision between lifestyles and tastes. Personality and profession are things that can influence that decision.


Nicole Chacón Chaluisán pictured above with music artists, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. All images property of Chaluisán.

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23 thoughts on “WHO’S THAT GIRL?

  1. Wow… I will say that without Puerto Ricans life will be so much diffrent for me… Love the talent and the way Nicole and FashAddix write about life it self… Def love the style…

  2. vous êtes hors de ce monde ! ! ! Quand je vous regarde à la télévision, écoute et vous vois chez la personne, je me sens comme je flotte dans les nuages ! ! je me sens comme je suis dans le ciel ! ! un dieu bénissent votre âme et vous protègent contre tout le mal ! ! vous aimer ami ! !

    FashAddix Translates: (French to English)
    You are out of this world! ! ! When I watch you on television, listen and see you in person, I feel like I am floating in the clouds! ! I feel like I am in heaven! ! God bless your soul and protect you against the evil! ! You love friend !
    Xoxo, JS

  3. I look forward to the monthly articles, very good reads. Nicole is right a woman should not walk out of the house not wearing any mascara, Fashaddix features beautiful people all the time.

  4. It’s all a matter of time before we see this young talented human being light up the screens of sattelite television all over Europe and international airwaves. She joins the selected few who can deliver the freshness of intelligence into a blazing fire of substantial enterteinment. I don,t even know how to translate into words what this woman is doing day in and night out in Puerto Rico,s TV industry. Defintively a Network keeper.

  5. It’s only a matter of time before we see this young talented human being light up the screens of sattelite television all over Europe and international airwaves. She joins the selected few who can deliver the freshness of intelligence into a blazing fire of substantial enterteinment. I don,t even know how to translate into words what this woman is doing day in and night out in Puerto Rico,s TV industry. Defintively a Network keeper.

  6. ….sigue hacia adelante y enfocada que vas a llegar lejos. A parte de ser preciosa, tienes la inteligencia para alcanzar tus metas. No cambies!!


  7. que esta daddy yankee i love your song’s pero quien es nicole chacon… go fuck yourself bitchhhhhhhh she make pic’s with don omar y daddy yankee.(pero ella esta un poco bonito heyyy mami calmate daddy y don tener una novitaaaaaa ,go search your):P

  8. sigue hacia delante nicole; hace poco estuve hablando con tu abuelo chacon y me comento sobre ti pero ayer pude verte en el pragrama del defile pto riqueno, saludo a omal,rodolfo y tu mami departe mia. palante como el elefante nunca para atras que talento tienes de mas. vendiciones.

  9. Nicole No puedo creer que hayas llegado tan lejos, espero me recuerdes, soy una de las maestras del nursery de Rosa Bell, fui maestra de tu hermano Omar. Un beso y todas las bendiciones y que sigas triunfando como hasta ahora. Enviale un abrazo a tu papi y tu mami y por supuesto a tu hermano. Que alegria verte triunfar…adelante!!!!!

  10. Nicole: Tu humildad,sencillez y profesionalismo,resaltan tu belleza. Eres un vivo ejemplo de dedicación,entrega y amor por lo que hace. Pienso que debes seguir hacia delante y te auguro mas y mejores oportunidades de crecimiento.

  11. ke hermosaaa ereeees!!!ajaja
    vii jangueoo los otros diass me encaantoo siguee asiii !
    btw. muiii buena la entrevistaa
    esperooo ke quee alcancss todas tuss metasss!!!!!
    att. camila DEE

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