The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

mary lou manizer the balm

If there’s anything I highly recommend and cannot live without is a good highlighter. An illuminator changes your look completely. It provides the appearance of a nice dewy finish and gives you a healthy looking glow. They are a must in any makeup kit. The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer is one of the most beautiful highlighters on the market. It gives a subtle shimmer (it’s buildable), feels buttery (blends like a dream), a little goes a long way, can be applied to your lids, brow bone, cupid’s bow, inner corner of your eyes, cheekbones, and t-zone where natural light reflects. It is oil and paraben-free. This is by far one of my top favorite highlighters. I have light skin and it shows well, meaning that it may work on fair skin and for darker complexions it would also be perfect. The packaging is gorgeous, but the content is delicate, which brings me to the Read more »


Shoes According to Age


As there is such a thing as being too young to wear heels, there comes a time when one becomes too old to wear them as well. In terms of aging, as we move forward we attempt to go back into time. When we’re young, it’s quite the opposite. As young women, we may have done everything to look older from wearing more makeup to dressing differently. When women get older they want to regain their youth by trying to reverse the years. Shoes say a lot about a woman’s age. They play a major role in women’s lives and appearance. True. Shoes do NOT have an age limit. But heels kinda sorta do. You can get away with wearing heels at any age, what becomes a factor is the heel’s HEIGHT…

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Listen to YOUR Skin


When it comes to cosmetics, using one product is never enough. Wearing makeup consists of applying a moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, primer, eye cream, BB cream, foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter, blush, bronzer, setting spray and whatever else you’d like to put on your face. I understand that beauty is expensive, but damaging your skin is a price way too high to pay. Every beautiful painting begins with a clear canvas. Concealing your flaws with more makeup will not improve the condition of your skin. It will hide imperfections temporarily, but the damage can only worsen. You are adding chemicals that clogs pores. Moisturizing is something most experts recommend you do on a daily basis. I beg to differ. While conditioning my body is something I do every day, I don’t always moisturize my face. What many people get wrong is ignoring the signs. You need to LISTEN to YOUR SKIN.

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ALWAYS Rewriting the Rules: #likeAGIRL

likeagirlAlways new campaign uses the phrase “likeagirl” to bring a different meaning to it. Usually, when someone is being told they hit, throw, or do something #likeagirl they are saying women are weak. It isn’t only degrading, but also disempowering. Their video shows that young girls do not see it as a bad thing, but when they realize that stereotype is being instilled in them, they grow up believing it. ALWAYS’ mission is to rewrite the rules and they are doing a stellar job. Ladies, let’s continue empowering one another for ourselves, our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters! Building a stronger and powerful generation of doers who can positively impact this world and make change for the better. Let’s do this… #likeAGIRL !


Divorce is GOOD for YOU

ring divorce

When people hear the word “DIVORCE” they think it is similar to going through hell in slow motion and in circles. There are far too many reasons to understand why people hate divorces or avoid it. Perhaps, you didn’t make your partner sign a prenup. You don’t want to breakup a family. You refuse to let go. You want to be around your children. You’re scared your time is running out and no one will take notice of you. You don’t want to split any assets. You’re afraid of what others will think or say. You don’t want anyone to laugh at you. You feel like a failure. Religion: God would want the two of you to stay together, etc. The list can be neverending. There is no denying divorces can get messy. The process is frustrating and painful. It can even feel dream shattering. Hearing those words, “Until death do us part” and you’re both still breathing sounding quite alive, yet chopping those vows goodbye is a big fat — OUCH! When it comes to ending a marriage it is easier said than done. I’m NOT a psychologist, but here is why I feel divorce is a good thing. And this only applies to those people in irreparable marriages…  Read more »

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