My TOP 7 FAVORITE Blush Brands


There are so many cosmetic brands I love that narrowing it down to my TOP 7 was not easy for me to do. I chose the above top blush brands because I’ve been using them for YEARS without breaking out and they didn’t emphasize or clogged pores. The pigmentation is also out of this world amazing! There are women who hate wearing blush. I understand this because for many years I was one of them. But let me tell you, if you want to change your appearance, a dab of blush that gives you a healthy natural flushed look is the way to go. ALL women should wear blush no matter what age they are. I can write an article about blushes according to age if you’d like advising older women on colors for mature skin that will make them look dewy and younger. Let me know. Now, I’m sharing my favorite blush brands and also mentioning other options. I love ALL of the blush brands I use (I use a lot!), but if I had to choose seven due to how they’ve performed throughout the years for me these are it. I didn’t include colors for all since the ones that may look good on me, might not match your skin tone or undertone perfectly. You just have to try them out and see if you like them, make sure you’re not allergic to any of them and have fun picking out a few.

  • 1. MAC Powder Blushes: You all know this is my favorite brand so I am biased, I love MAC cosmetics. The majority of their blushes are beautiful. If you are fair to light skin their neutrals, peachy, and tawny blushes are the best. If you are light to medium or medium to dark play with their bright colors, pinks and browns. My top fave MAC blush is called “Sincere” it is a soft nude peachy brown that is lovely. Again, make sure to visit a store and swatch them to see which color compliments you. What I like about MAC blushes is that although they are pigmented they go on lightly looking quite natural. Some are heavy, but many of them are light looking wearable colors. Price: $22.00 USD or you can build your own palette with their pan refills ranging from $17-$19 USD each.
  • 2. Mehron Cheek Creams: Theatre makeup kicks about every other cosmetic brand’s arse out there. The amazing thing about theatre makeup is that it is created for performers who will sweat and be under heavy lighting. They are super pigmented, lasts hours and may be less likely to streak or bleed. The bad thing is that not all colors will suit all people and they are so intense you can look clownish for an every day look. But if you use them lightly for a gala, wedding, special event, etc., they are really superb. The Mehron Cheek Creams are great especially for those of you with dry skin. I LOVE theatre makeup not only for their quality, but for their prices! If you want me to write a review specifically on theatre makeup brands do LMK. Mehron cheek creams will last you years since just a small amount will cover nearly half of your face. Talk about intensity! Remember, these are creams not powders, I will try their powders soon. Theatre makeup is the BEST! Mehron Cheek Creams are $7.95 each! Isn’t that unbelievable?! Or you can buy their 8-Color Palette for $40 USD.

mehron blushes

  • 3. Clinique Powder Blushes: From their older blushes to their latest cheek pops, hands down, Clinique has one of the best natural looking blushes on the market. Why I chose Clinique? I’ve been a loyal customer for more than a decade and they are perfect for work, or just day to day use. The colors are perfection, they apply well, they are especially perfect for younger women who like looking natural, or for older women who can apply a generous amount of these blushes and still look like they’re not wearing much makeup. Clinique blushes, mainly, give a natural look and that’s what I love about them that almost anyone can get away with them. They compliment many complexions especially those who are fair to medium. Price: $21.00 USD
  • 4. The Balm Cosmetics: I’m going to be honest, I’m not crazy about their cream blushes, but their powder blushes are OMG fabulous! I love of all their color selections. This brand is one of my top favorite brands they deliver quality items at fairly good prices. Not cheap, but not uber expensive, this is another reason why they are so popular. Love The Balm! They should be renamed to thebomb.com! Their blushes retail for $21.00+ USD each.

the balm

  • 5. Bobbi Brown Powder Blushes: I cannot think of anything negative to say about BB-B, I kid you not! The colors, application, lasting power are all A++! BB Blushes are $27.00 USD each.
  • 6. Milani’s Baked Blushes: I had a client who hates wearing makeup. She has a medium skintone. I went light on her makeup. I put on her Milani’s Rose d’ Oro blush and she went from Plain Jane to PRINCESS in a matter of seconds. The color is nice, but striking on slightly darker and tanned complexions. I had a satisfied client. All I did was dab that blush on her and she was an instant beauty! She is gorgeous to begin with, but it is astounding what a bit of blush can do especially for natural beauties who don’t like wearing too much makeup. That color does not look great on me, but on her it made my jaw drop. I finished her look with gloss and she was good to go. Milani’s baked blushes are excellent. I really like them, my favorite shades are Luminoso and Delizioso Pink. They are $8.49 USD each.

bobbi brown blush

  • 7. NARS Blush: NARS blushes have intense pigmentation. One thing about NARS cosmetics that I’ve noticed is that they have colors more suitable for women with olive to darker complexions. Based on my personal experience I’ve bought blushes by NARS that looked awful on me and I apply them on my sister who has this naturally beautiful tanned skin and they look stupendous on her. I use the color “Super Orgasm” on me, it has LOTS of sparkle, but it is a gorgeous color. Super Orgasm has huge chunks of glitter, yet applies beautifully. More of an evening color, but not meant for everyone. They made my list because although they are not all winners in my book, on my clients they are true beauties. They are $30.00 USD a pop! They compliment many, particularly women of color.

If you want to opt for cheaper brands that are good as well, I recommend Wet ‘n Wild, NYX Powder or baked blushes (I hated NYX cream blushes they applied patchy on me) and e.l.f. cosmetics that for some reason I’m allergic to, don’t know why, however they work well for others I’m just not one of the lucky ones. Are there tons more blushes that are incredible? Yes! I’m a blush hoarder, I wear so much blush. I overdo it sometimes because I love them! Of course, I then tone it down, but who can resist? I know there are so many NEW makeup brands out and I may review them soon. What I like about these new companies that I’ve yet to mention on this site are that most of them are in the USA, the quality of their products are great, and the prices are unbeatable! Keep checking back. Remember, just because I chose these seven doesn’t mean I limit myself to them, so blush on!


Why Products that Look Good On Others Will NOT Look Great On YOU

Image Property of Kylie Jenner©  (Instagram)

Image Property of Kylie Jenner© (Instagram)

The Kylie Jenner mauve lip look is the latest obsession. Everyone is running to get MAC lip liners (which BTW I LOVE all of them) that she mentions she favors, trying to follow the trend. However, you may realize it will not look as good on you as it does on her. Why is this? For starters, we all have different complexions and undertones. We are all also different seasons. What does this mean? It means that the person you are attempting to imitate, may be, let’s say a medium complexion, with a warm undertone and a Spring season (meaning spring colors look good on them). And you may be a light skinned, cool undertone, winter season (meaning dark colors bring out your best features). For instance, mauve doesn’t look good on my light complexion unless I add a beige lipstick to it or pick cool toned berry cosmetics. While I always instruct you to let The Stars or Even Your Nemesis Inspire You, one must take these factors into consideration. Allow others to inspire you, have a muse, don’t envy others, let them help improve your image! You can absolutely copy looks, but give it your own twist and spice. If you love red lipstick, and your inspiration wears red lipstick too, and the colors she wears don’t look that great on you, go for something either cooler, warmer, darker or brighter. Play with it. Work on perfecting the image you are going for and have fun with it. Fashion and beauty is about enjoyment. Remember, you are a work of art, make sure you remain the masterpiece you are, but feel free to amp it up as you wish.

PS: To get the Kylie Jenner look notice how she contours well, but uses light eye makeup and blush. She also uses false lashes in a wispy or baby doll style. You will need mascara, fake lashes, light pink blush, a pinkish matte lip color that compliments you, and a good contour/sculpting powder.


BH Cosmetics 10 pc Sculpt and Blend Brush Set

BH cosmetics brush set

New to makeup or contouring? If so, you need this in your life! I bought this BH Cosmetics makeup brush set because I heard many reviewers say it’s just as good if not better than signature line brushes, and I have to agree. Now, take heed, this is a brush set to sculpt and blend, which is for bronzing, highlighting and contouring to change the shape of your face or make it look slimmer. I LOVE this set. It doesn’t shed, it applies my foundation nicely and blends my makeup flawlessly. The best part is that it is SUPER affordable. And if you follow this brand you may get it for even less because they are always throwing huge sales. I’m happy I got it. Great brushes. If you want to learn how to contour, I added a video below by one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, Kandee Johnson. She’s excellent. Makeup is so much fun!


WEN by Chaz Dean Facing Class Action Lawsuit, Consumers Say WEN Products Cause Hair Loss

WEN conditioners hair loss

WEN® by Chaz Dean is a famous hair care line known for their convincing infomercials, adverts showing models prancing around with lustrous hair, celebrity testimonials, and a stylist who firmly stands behind his brand guaranteeing it delivers. In the real world, consumers who are using WEN® products tell a different story, they say WEN’s line, especially their cleansing conditioners are making them lose their hair in chunks. They are going nearly bald and have pictures to prove it. If you do a web search you will see there are countless stories, numerous videos and threads of people expressing how terrible these products are and that it has made their hair fall out. This has been going on for some time; yet, the company didn’t recall the products. It looks like some of you have had enough and decided to take action. Rightfully so, these images speak for themselves. When revealing amazing transformations, WEN must’ve forgotten to include these:

On the WEN website they urge you to buy their products “NOW” because “you deserve beautiful hair.” For their sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner the company states, “It’s designed not to strip your hair and scalp of natural oils, leaving your hair with more strength, moisture, manageability and better color retention.” Allure magazine even gave it the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award. WEN also shares the key ingredients, but they left out pertinent information— the one that also serves as a depilatory. This line isn’t cheap, expect to pay anywhere from $25 to over $100 for some of their kits at major retailers. The WEN company prides itself in saying they use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. When we compare what they say to what their products do, it seems quite misleading. The firm representing this case is Christiansen Davis, LLC. They are based in Texas, but assist clients statewide. On a side note, I truly feel for these women. A woman’s hair is definitely considered for many their beauty veil, it is sad they had to experience such devastating ordeal. There’s a high price for beauty and sometimes we pay more than what we intend to when we’re promised we’ll get more than what we want.


2015 Color of the Year is MARSALA

pantone 2015 marsala

Image: Pantone

Every year Pantone chooses the color that will dominate how designers build their collections from makeup to home decor. In 2013 they chose EMERALD. For 2014 it was WILD ORCHID, and for 2015 it is MARSALA, which is a rich copper brownish red. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says they chose this particular hue because “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” This color will be seen everywhere. The good thing is that since it’s earthy it will look good on most people. I think it will be a huge hit in cosmetics and also in apparel, but if used as a metallic. As for the home the color has its limitations, and can be a bit dull. Still, I won’t take away it’s a great selection and a true beauty!

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